loudTalking to a friend tonight and discussing 2017 and how for some reason, I’m sort of chomping at the bit. I’m happy, like most folks, to see 2016 in the rear view mirror, but I’m also just ready. I’ve got one resolution this year… and honestly, it wasn’t a resolution until I just typed that it was. (Oh, here I go) I’m over resolutions, so maybe it’s not one. Okay, just kidding, it’s an intention. Damn, you know they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? Fine then, so how ’bout, “here’s my personal 2017 prophecy?” Yes. That sounds more majestic and magnificent. Hell yes!

I’m gonna live 2017 out loud! All out. Less thinking, more living. I’m putting the pedal down. I’m putting my foot down too. No more useless rhetoric bouncing around in my head. When I hear it, I’m kicking it out. I’m going to be good to myself, my family and my body. I’m going to be a better employee, a better wife (as if, I could do that any better… right honey? Grin), mom, friend and I’m gonna continue to just do me, but without judgement or reservation. I did a lot of things I’m proud of in 2016 and a lot of fun things in my 50 before 50 challenge. I’ve got some new goals, too. I’m going to kick ass at my day job, more so than the last few (bored/yawn) years. I’ve got some financial goals to meet. I’d like to20160827_194306 start a new company, do some more consistent writing, learn guitar and travel. I’m gonna hang it all out there and not second guess, or worry about how other people judge me for doing so. I’m gonna live it OUT LOUD. Literally.

I’m gonna pursue the joy of music thing with my band Moonstoned Music; we’re a laid back, back porch kind of cover band. The fun kind. And, I’m gonna write a song or two this year too. It’s all out now. Out loud. Now this prophecy of mine lives in the universe and in me. It’s exactly where it should be. Where’s yours?