Oh, man… I needed some help. Big time. This annoying yo-yo, bouncy castle of diets has been rough. It hasn’t just been rough, it’s been depressing, and defeating. Recently, I roped the adorable hubs into starting Weight Watchers with me. He’s Mr. CutiePants Athlete and really, okay, maybe he could lose 5 pounds. . . maybe. He’s counting points, paid his three months and is actually engaging in the process, cooking things we can eat and best of all, is helping me stay on track. I don’t even care if he sneaks junk food as long as I don’t know. I mean, when you’re earning yourself a bajillion activity points, you can pretty much just eat, but he’s tracking because he’s awesome. In fact, I had to drag the man out of the grocery store the other day. He was running around with his app down the chip aisle using the little bar-code reader/points calculator thing. Talk about an education! I’m steering clear of that whole section!! ┬áHe’s more than enough support, but really, he’s doing it for me. The struggle for him, is watching my struggle with me. He hates to see me frustrated, depressed and, well for the lack of a better descriptor, downright manic. He’s a doll, and don’t I know I’m the luckiest woman ever. I know.

I am, I really am. I’m grateful and madly in love… but that didn’t stop me from calling in the reinforcements. It takes a village, hell, it might take a mid-sized city to keep my ass on track! But my two friends Ann and Lisa jumped in with their enthusiasm and a steady barrage of well-timed texts, photos of meals, points discussions, website and app tips, struggles, temptations and encouragement. It’s on baby cakes! Together, in two weeks the four of us have lost…. weight for it. . . (see what I did there?) …



And a mid-sized city it is! This is way more fun with friends and spouse than drowning alone in my sea of misery… and as Ann pointed out that with our jobs (we three gals) in business development, client entertaining happens. A lot. I swear at times, I get paid to eat and drink (and think). Yes, it’s a hard life. First world problems for sure, but it’s hard to keep to the slim and trim when the folks you’re dining with want you to join in them in the dessert you’re buying for them. Cheers! This plan lets me take a few bites, and sips and just count it. No explaining. No shame, no fear, (okay, sometimes there’s fear… “Oh gosh, how many points did I just EAT???”) but you’re always aware, in some capacity, of the consequences. It’s good so far. It’s flexible and we’re successful! Woohoo!! My tribe. My peoples… I love you man!!