“Start” Must Be My Most Used Word

startWhere to start? Really. Where to start …. again? I bet if I did a most used word search for my last few years of writing 50 Pound Monkey, that it might possibly reveal that I use the word “start” like a broken record. I do a lot of starting. I suppose that means I do a lot of stopping and wandering off the trail. I do love the scenic route, and I’m so easily distracted by life. I think that for the most part, it’s a gift. I find wonder and joy (and cookies) everywhere I look, and shiny things and squirrels, but it’s okay. It’s okay because I don’t give up. I get distracted. There is a difference.

My good intentions may not lead me from point A to point B directly, but honestly, I’ve never been good at straight lines or by-the-book living. That’s not exactly true, I do tend to follow rules; oh who am I kidding? If the rules are black and white, for flip’s sake, they obviously need a little something something. I’m always throwing in color, paint, adjectives, creative doodles and purposely taking the long way around. That’s just me. I do believe that I’ll get there eventually, and I know that someday, I’ll have to be the boss of me, but dammit, when I or anyone else tells me what to do, I get that head tilt thing and, well, I’m a bit of a snotty rebellious sort.

However, Ideal Protein has been my friend this go round. I started (again) almost two months ago and I’m getting close to 20 pounds gone. That makes me happy. No brainers are good things. If I’m not thinking too much, I don’t get as creative or off course. It might help that I’ve got so many other things in my world that are lighting me up. Music, mostly. I come from a long line of singers and musicians. I didn’t have much time or inclination toward music when growing up because I was consumed with every sport, friends, boys and things young girls get distracted by. I loved music, played clarinet and a bit of piano, but we didn’t have vocal opportunities beside the big round fireplace at the old family ranch with all the extended family. We sang on car rides with my mom playing the Ukelele in the front seat too, but mostly I left the real singing to my dad. He’s got an awesome voice.

A year or two ago, I started voice lessons because I hated that I was so shy to sing. I need to clarify. I am not shy. I could talk to the fence post and probably make it laugh, but singing, well now, that’s a completely different level of intimacy. Fast forward past my 50 before 50 challenge, my first music gig and all of the sudden, I’ve written my first song. I’m completely hooked. Why did I not know that this was such a huge part of me? I found my voice at 48.5.  It’s all I want to do. I’d rather sing and write than eat. It’s hard to sing when you’re trying to swallow! Someday, when we’re finished producing it, and it’s out there as a demo, I’ll post it. You probably won’t have to wait long. We want to re-work the IMG_1291 (2)bridge. By we, I mean me and the most amazing producer/musical freaking genius and I kid you not, I am not exaggerating. Eddy Hobizal is amazing. Perfect pitch, and literally freaked me out the first time we met. “Okay, sing the chorus, if that’s what you’ve got. Sing how you think it should go.” I started singing, and within seconds his hands were on the exact right notes and he was literally playing my song. I stopped suddenly and said, “What the actual f*ck just happened? How did you do that?” And a beautiful miracle happened. My words from my heart, played out in the universe in melody and happy vibrations. That’s soul food.

We also bought an Airstream and named her Buttercup. I love her.  She’s magical. I wrote a piece about that on my other blog called Tiny Living Resource.


Tennis is happening too. I’ve signed up for a tournament at the end of the month. It’s a tourney I’ve always wanted to play. It’s an age group thing, and I’ve never played in one of those. Usually, I play tournaments where we play by level, by NTRP rating. I’ll be playing women’s 50s singles. This means I could be playing anyone, regardless of their rating. I could play a pro, or someone just starting. It’s likely that my butt will be presented back to me on a platter, but if they’re serving vodka with it, I’m good with that. The knee, and there’s some wood touching and knocking going on right here right now, has been good. Really good. I never thought I’d feel “normal” with that knee ever again. It took so long, but holy cow it feels so good!

Life’s good right now. It always is. There is always something to discover, to enjoy, to ponder, to study and to create. You can always stretch yourself and learn something new you didn’t know about you. You’ve got the ability to live life, get distracted and start again. Just don’t give up.

Start. And then, start again.

It’s all good.

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Called in the Cavalry, and It’s On!

Oh, man… I needed some help. Big time. This annoying yo-yo, bouncy castle of diets has been rough. It hasn’t just been rough, it’s been depressing, and defeating. Recently, I roped the adorable hubs into starting Weight Watchers with me. He’s Mr. CutiePants Athlete and really, okay, maybe he could lose 5 pounds. . . maybe. He’s counting points, paid his three months and is actually engaging in the process, cooking things we can eat and best of all, is helping me stay on track. I don’t even care if he sneaks junk food as long as I don’t know. I mean, when you’re earning yourself a bajillion Continue reading “Called in the Cavalry, and It’s On!”

2017: For Living Out Loud!

loudTalking to a friend tonight and discussing 2017 and how for some reason, I’m sort of chomping at the bit. I’m happy, like most folks, to see 2016 in the rear view mirror, but I’m also just ready. I’ve got one resolution this year… and honestly, it wasn’t a resolution until I just typed that it was. (Oh, here I go) I’m over resolutions, so maybe it’s not one. Okay, just kidding, it’s an intention. Damn, you know they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? Fine then, so how ’bout, “here’s my personal 2017 prophecy?” Yes. That sounds more majestic and magnificent. Hell yes!

I’m gonna live 2017 out loud! All out. Less thinking Continue reading “2017: For Living Out Loud!”

Again! This Time and Happy Hats… Really.

How long have I been writing this weight loss blog? Really, it’s been years… too many @&*+)’n years. I’ve been up (like now… you know, scale wise) and I’ve been down. My emotions are the same. How many times have I asked the questions “Why can’t I do this?” or said, “I think I’ll try…” or “again”. This is life though. There are so many people that  are just like me; straight up, this shit is hard. It downright sucks. My life is so full and I am so happy! I’ve got so much going on and life is so good… except… except that I’m walking around wearing too many layers, in someone else’s body, in a state of internal disrepair because I’m failing at this one thing. I want to stay healthy. I want to avoid diseases like Diabetes and Alzheimers, I want to feel good in my skin. I want to be me, the athlete, the “pull a plow” strong person that Continue reading “Again! This Time and Happy Hats… Really.”

Birks, All The Rage at the Gym

What do you do when you show up at the gym and you’re reaching for the dumbbells, and you notice your footwear is, well German and a bit boho? I decided that I could do my arms workout sporting these really cute patent leather Birkenstocks. Trust me when I say, there were a lot of double takes.  Cue funny footage (pun intended) of Continue reading “Birks, All The Rage at the Gym”

Dumb Bells and %*@$ Gym Mirrors

I dragged myself out of the house around 8pm to go to the gym. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t. The hubs was going and I’d been complaining all day because I hadn’t gotten my arm workout in before my sales meeting. Work, I swear, gets in the way… daily! Sticking to that one for the minute. So, I’m feeling pretty good that I’m actually in the car on the way to the gym. I’m thinking that I’m living in the now. (I even wrote about my journey back to now.) It’s a good thing. Really. I’m training myself and I know that it’s actually helping Continue reading “Dumb Bells and %*@$ Gym Mirrors”

Low Carb Fluff, Delicious Fluffy Fluffiness and How I Got Back Here

I’ve been away lately. Well, not away, away as in on a big adventure somewhere, but you know, I’ve been avoiding my blog, whilst adventuring on as we do in our regular lives. And, shockingly, but not, I’ve changed weight loss strategies again. I’ve circled around, probably passed go, but wasn’t handed the Monopoly money on the way round. Why do I go through strategies, like socks? Seriously? I don’t know. I think that Continue reading “Low Carb Fluff, Delicious Fluffy Fluffiness and How I Got Back Here”

This Monkey… In My Guts?

Maybe it’s not on my back? Well, physically it is, but maybe the damned thing is actually in my… guts? I’ve been reading a very interesting book. I’m not through with it, but the Audible version of it just ain’t gonna cut it. There are too many facts, and numbers and quotables that I just can’t go back and reference via audio book. I’ve ordered the hardback and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. It’s called Brain Maker, by Dr. David Perlmutter.
He’s a neurologist. Weird, I know. I’m reading a book by a neurologist about guts. Oh, but it’s fascinating! I kid you not. It makes so much sense too.

Basically I’ve learned that my gut biome is an overgrown jungle Continue reading “This Monkey… In My Guts?”

Tacos And Music Saved My Soul

So… I’ve been back on Ideal Protein for a few weeks. I’ve lost 10 pounds, but it’s been hard won. Part of the deal with IP is that you’re not supposed to really exercise. You’re in ketosis and you have no reserves. I’ve been playing tennis and trying to mountain bike. It’s not working. It’s soooo not working! Yes, I’m losing weight but it’s, in fact, making me miserable. My happy self has gone on strike and left me here with grumpy boots and weepy Wanda. Remember my “It Sucks to Suck” post? Well, it does.

I didn’t really quite understand that whole wanting to cry thing that I wrote about. I couldn’t comprehend Continue reading “Tacos And Music Saved My Soul”

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