I’m an athlete… gone bad. Very, very bad. I’ve been struggling with weight since I turned 30 which also happens to be when I had my first son. I blame him. (Grin, never mind it was 18 years ago) My whole athletic life, I ate what I wanted. As a gymnast in elementary school, I took and devoured 2 sandwiches and whatever else the kids around me didn’t eat. I was tiny, wirey and a calorie burning machine. Through volleyball, tennis, track, basketball and cheerleading I stuffed my tiny face! I guess that is why I’ve been in denial for the past 15 years. I’ve carried anywhere from 15 – 50 extra pounds through adventure racing, soccer, tennis and super mom-hood. I play tennis competitively now at a 4.5 USTA rating level which isn’t bad… but I’m hauling that 50# with me all over the court. Sometimes I think, “Damn, I’d be so fast!” So here I am, sharing my struggle and laughing my ass off (Oh. My. Gosh. What if that really worked?) at myself in the process. I hope you enjoy, and that this exercise (if only that were true in the literal sense) is not futile!