How long have I been writing this weight loss blog? Really, it’s been years… too many @&*+)’n years. I’ve been up (like now… you know, scale wise) and I’ve been down. My emotions are the same. How many times have I asked the questions “Why can’t I do this?” or said, “I think I’ll try…” or “again”. This is life though. There are so many people that  are just like me; straight up, this shit is hard. It downright sucks. My life is so full and I am so happy! I’ve got so much going on and life is so good… except… except that I’m walking around wearing too many layers, in someone else’s body, in a state of internal disrepair because I’m failing at this one thing. I want to stay healthy. I want to avoid diseases like Diabetes and Alzheimers, I want to feel good in my skin. I want to be me, the athlete, the “pull a plow” strong person that I completely identify as. And, here’s the big goal, (ya ready?) in 2018 I’m gonna through hike the Colorado Trail with my husband. The whole damn thing from Denver to Durango. 2018! 2018 is just a bit over a year away. Holy shittakes!! Round is a shape, but not the shape I need.

fun-hatsLow Carb, high fat is my doc’s recommendation. Just found out I’ve got a strong sensitivity in my guts to eggs (WTF? I eat them all the time), lemon and lime (really?) and onions, my favorite veggie which is terrible because I only like 3 others. There were some other things too. This kind of thing can keep your body in an uproar. It can keep the eczema mad, it can keep the pounds from budging. So, this is it. Eating clean and working out. Fueling my body and my brain. You ready to put up with my incessant writing, complaining, crying, screaming, singing, laughing, flailing? Oh, and kicking ass? You ready? You ready to do this with me? 2017 is my year of transition in many ways, it’s in the stars. I can do it. I think I’ll try it … again. Happy 2017!

Putting on my Happy hat, too. Because. Let’s go!