This is a house full of athletes. This is not a house full of cry-babies, or sympathizers. Well, okay, we are sometimes a bunch of whiners, but we don’t offer a whole lot of sympathy, at least that much is true. We all participate in rigorous sports and we expect to be sore, bruised, dog tired and sometimes bloody, BUT, when someone does complain or whine about an injury, or a muscle that hurts like *%$@, we know that the hubby will hunt you down with one of these devices of torture. And he’ll do it with a maniacal grin. He will call you out, and the whole house winces (and secretly cackles) knowing exactly what’s in store.

Hurts So Good
Hurts So Good

This is the moment we crumble from our bad-ass athletic selves and transform into crying/laughing/crying wimpy babies. For real. Hubby says, “Okay, come on, I’ve got the roller.” Immediately, “Oh, no, I was just kidding, I feel GREAT! Look! See? (moves offending body part trying not to show pain).” Laughter and hoots and insults about being a “wimp” or taunts like, “You scared bro?” pour in from all parts of the house. The fun begins. Yells, screams (mostly embellished for the show’s sake, but not entirely) commence. Hubby uses the torture rehab tools on the whiner willing patient and laughs when they get up and run away. All fun and games aside, these tools really work. I highly recommend them. In addition to the pictured devices, we have a large foam roller too.

The Stick, by,  is a flexible roller that’s pretty easy to use on yourself. It will fit in a gym bag and I’ve taken it to the tennis courts on more than one occasion.

The wee green ball o’ pain is a trigger point ball, and I kid you not, it can make you cry. That said, it will absolutely make you feel MUCH better. It helps you break up those nasty trigger points, and trust me, you know when you’ve found one. (

Finally the rumble roller, also an adhesions, knots and trigger point breaker upper, (technical jargon, I’m sure) is one you roll around on top of. I’ve been known to lean into it up against a wall when my full body weight on the offending (usually) hip would just be too much. (

Is it any surprise that our oldest, who is going off to play college soccer in the fall, got The Stick as a graduation present? We’re weird that way.

Seriously, I joke, but having these little gems around the house, no matter how painful, makes a huge difference. I recommend this kind of healthy, family fun to everyone!