Finally!! Knee has been scoped and the doc says he fixed it! I’m so ready to get on to the rehab part and get on with my  tennis life. Well, both are apropos. Yup, I’m stir crazy after one day of lounging with my foot / knee /leg up and out of commission. I’ve driven all my friends away on Facebook I think. I’ve posted nonsense, leg selfies like this one:

See my autograph? They made me initial so they'd fix the right one...well, in my case, the left one!
See my autograph? They made me initial so they’d fix the right one…well, in my case, the left one!

And have been an absolute nuisance as much as possible online. I posted responses to everything that my friends posted, their comments to me and flitted around to business pages and gave them some opinions and sundry things. I posted a picture of my dog Lizzie using my son’s Instagram account, whoops!

Lizzy Lou, my wee furry nurse, doing her thing.
Lizzy Lou, my wee furry nurse, doing her zen and snuggly thing.

Well, that’s one way to get your college son to finally call. Not my fault, he borrowed my phone to post his ALS challenge and didn’t sign out! I must admit I thought it was hilarious, and the picture of my little furry nurse got some likes from his friends, especially the girls… with the disclaimer from him after the fact, “I didn’t post this.” Bawhahaha. Made my day, though. He called, “Hi mom, looks like you posted a picture on my Instagram account…” Not, “Hi Mom, I really miss you! How’s your knee?” Because, we all know that’s what he wanted to say, but he had a room full of guys and the other popped out. I’m sure that’s what happened.

Did I do anything productive? Of course not! I could have written so much today, but no, I wallowed in my own swollen-ness. And scratched a lot. Those pain meds make me itch like a word that ryhmes… there you go, mad ma’am. I’m only taking half the dose now and chasing it with a Benadryl. I hate taking anything at all, but I’ve been warned by everyone on FB, and via text today that I don’t want to get behind the pain curve.

A friend of mine lent me her walker. I LOVE it. I’m not proud. That thing stands up on it’s own! I can let go and do whatever I need to do with my hands without it sprawling or being in the way, like try to cook… before the hubby sent me back to bed. He sweetly brought me all my food, kept my water cooler, knee freezer thingy full of ice water and re-situated before scurrying back to his desk. I can’t sneak around either because the walker makes squeaky noises. I’ve tried. The crutches do too, though. Come to think of it, he kept me on my narcotic regime like clockwork. Do you think it’s because he doesn’t want to hear me complain about how much pain I’m in, or to get me to snooze so he could get some work done?

As far as hanging in there with my Ideal Protein diet, I’m mostly on it. I’ve had some veggies, and some meat today. I’ve eaten one IP or was it two? Things are hazy. Seems like this morning was yesterday. Looking forward to another long day or 3000. Patience is not my virtue. I don’t think I’ll be able to talk hubs into taking me to son’s soccer tourney, even for one game. Too much verticality. There ya go, your new word for the day: verticality!

Later! Everyone get out and walk, or hop, or run or bike for me please.