Day 52: No Traveling, No Excuses, No Wimpy Losses

No travel, No excuses
No travel, No excuses

For the last few weeks, my suitcase has been either half packed in my bedroom, half un-packed in a hotel room or completely full and in the belly of an airplane. NOT my normal life, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on the trip of course. But all this traveling has been hard on this diet, even though I’ve kept at it through Colorado (sigh) and Chicago. I chose Ideal Protein because the results tend to be swift and impressive. Mine, averaged over time are just, meh.

In 52 days I’ve lost 21.4 pounds. So at about 7 weeks, that means I’ve averaged 3 pounds per week. Honestly, I was expecting more, considering the first week I lost 10. Yes, I realize it was fluids etc… but by this point, I expected to be closer to my goal. As it stands, I’m still looking at a monkey of 39.9 pounds. Hell yes, it’s better than that 50, turned 60 pound monkey I started with in June.

Here’s the plan. We’ll be here for the next two weeks, and I’m challenging myself to show at least a 3-4 pound loss per week. There are no excuses about “holding water” from traveling, or not getting all my food or vitamins eaten. It’s back ON.

The things I must do:

Eat ALL my food for the day

Take ALL my vitamins

Write it all down



Day 39: It’s A Trip

Traveling can thoroughly “trip” up your best intentions when it comes to healthy eating, or continuing your low carb kick assedness. I, however, have chosen to be a bad ass! This 7500′ altitude gave me a headache yesterday, and I cried silently watched without gnawing my effing arm off envy as my son and husband stuffed themselves on the most amazing hash browns I believe I’ve ever seen. My two eggs were sad just fine.
We are here to start my son’s next step in life with a soccer camp with his new collegiate team. My mom emotions are running amuck! That makes ice cream sound like Valium. I’m not buying. Hey wait, I’m in Colorado… Nah, I can’t afford the munchies! LOL not my scene anyway.

I would feel honored if you’d read this poem I wrote through tears this morning. He Will Fly


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