Inertia, Trail Time and All The Pretty Colors!

Okay, I admit it. Being back on the bike, chasing my hubs around out in the woods is pretty freaking fun. Inertia though, (you know Newton’s theory that an object in motion tends to stay in motion… an object at rest, uh, that would be me, tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force) had a pretty good hold on me. The force Continue reading “Inertia, Trail Time and All The Pretty Colors!”

Day 23.2: Trail Zen For Your Day

So, in celebration of the smaller monkey, I decided to hit the trail and find some happy peace among the birds, bees, flowers and Momma Nature. It was so lovely. Just me and them.

Here’s a wee bit of Zen for your busy day!

Happy Trail
Happy Trail

Trail Music!


Follow Up Hike

Hiking, Sarah Rooney
Get Outside, Our Follow Up Hike

So, we go out to this big park for soccer practice. Might as well take Chubby dog and hubby (not chubby) and hike the trail. It’s about 2.5 miles, and fairly flat. After every mile, according to my GPS watch, I threw in a few squats for good measure. Gorgeous warm night, and so therapeutic to get OUTSIDE! Man, there’s nothing better than a little nature to pull the blood pressure back down and put things in perspective. Nature Deficit Disorder cannot win when you go outside and breathe it in! I can’t go more than a few steps without finding something interesting to look at. Something rustles off to the left, a bunny on the trail ahead, a deer watching warily, the sunset getting more colorful every minute, the way the sunlight filters through the trees, the chance to rehash the day and talk about stuff and things.

If you do anything in the next few days, be sure to get outside and breathe deeply. Find something to stimulate your senses without whipping out Words With Friends. Just be.

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