On Flying, Trying and Goodbye-ing

There’s a lot of hype and hysteria happening right now about THE virus, you know, Ebola… I almost hate to type the word even. I don’t want to add any craziness to the already obscene and unrelenting fear mongering. I’m a fairly reasonable person, I like to think, though the hubs and kids might roll their eyes… mostly because they’re supposed to roll their eyes when mom makes a statement about being reasonable. But really, I am. However, since the beginning of the Ebola crisis (the first one) in the 70s, for some reason, I’ve been scared absolutely silly of that particular form of dying. If you’re as old as I am, you must understand why I say this. This happened in our formative years and it came from monkeys. Monkeys were the bad guys, and well, that was confusing and upsetting.That was the speculation back then.

We’ve come a long way. You’d like to think that, but have we? I must admit that after the Frontier Flight where the Dallas nurse flew with a low grade fever after being in close proximity and nursing a man who died from the disease, I kinda, like most of the world, decided that I didn’t really trust anyone to be smart. I had second thoughts about boarding a Frontier flight right here in Texas, and flying to Denver to visit my son and watch him play collegiate soccer. (sigh) I was embarrassed to be nervous, but that didn’t change my nervousness. I decided that I really wanted to see him, and the odds of being on a plane with anyone who’d been exposed were slim to none, but it niggled in the back of my head. What if? What if there was and we somehow became infected, we’d give it to our son, on a college campus and… (head explodes.) That all got shoved to the back of my brain, my sanity prevailed and we got to have a lovely visit in beautiful Colorado with that beautiful, smart and talented kid. Thankful that we did. So very thankful.

Yellow AspensThe trip was glorious! The weather was lovely! The Aspens were mostly past their peak color, but a few of them were still hanging on and I could not get over my imagining what it must be like in a sea of yellow and white. Wow. I will be back to see them in their full, raging plumage. It was great to get away, and so lovely to hug that boy and watch him play!

Though glorious, traveling is hard on my weight loss goals.  I’m still trying. Really, I am. I’m just not very good at it right now. Travelling and dieting are very difficult, but I did okay until the last night when my hubby decided to splurge on dessert. We were dining (our first decent meal this trip) in Colorado Springs at Springs Orleans next to the lovely hotel The Mining Exchange (my favorite splurge night hotel). Even then I only had a few bites, or a few bites more, but who’s counting? I didn’t lose, nor did I gain. The scale not moving this week was a win. I’ll hit it harder next week.

The trip reminded me of how quickly these years pass. I know, I sound like an old hen, but dammit, sometimes it’s hard! Sometimes it’s painful to look at the handsome, bright and confident young man who used to give sticky kisses and big hugs; the very same boy who told me I wasn’t the best mom in the world, but that I was the best mom in the whole entire universe! It’s bittersweet to see what he’s so achingly, beautifully become, but still so clearly see the curve of that soft toddler cheek, the feel of his tiny hand and the look of little boy adoration he has just for his mom. We still make each other laugh like nobody else, and I know our bond won’t break, but ding dang, sometimes it’s so hard to say good bye. That’s what we moms do though, we let them Fly.

mom and son, then and now
Always my baby!

Moving In Day At Uni For First Born

Too tired to write. Sticking to the diet is tough, but doing it!

My gosh we brought so much stuff! My Irish husband can’t believe all the stuff that goes into these dorm rooms, and not just our kid’s room! A few finishing touches tomorrow while they’re out at 3 a days (soccer) and we are done. and I mean done as in, exhausted! Knee is on ice, wish I had some Tito’s on ice!! (Grin)

Day 39: It’s A Trip

Traveling can thoroughly “trip” up your best intentions when it comes to healthy eating, or continuing your low carb kick assedness. I, however, have chosen to be a bad ass! This 7500′ altitude gave me a headache yesterday, and I cried silently watched without gnawing my effing arm off envy as my son and husband stuffed themselves on the most amazing hash browns I believe I’ve ever seen. My two eggs were sad just fine.
We are here to start my son’s next step in life with a soccer camp with his new collegiate team. My mom emotions are running amuck! That makes ice cream sound like Valium. I’m not buying. Hey wait, I’m in Colorado… Nah, I can’t afford the munchies! LOL not my scene anyway.

I would feel honored if you’d read this poem I wrote through tears this morning. He Will Fly


IP Day 5: How The World Cup Is Keeping Me …

Alive? Sane? On track? Late with my posts? Just to put on my Captain Obvious suit for a minute, I was not even remotely excited about this Ideal Protein thing. If we hearken way, way (damn, it seems like months ago) back to Day 1, I think that I may have mentioned my two weeks of binge eating because I thought “I’d never eat again.” And, to be completely honest, I’m still wondering about that a little bit… (Sorry, Doris) however, there was something (is my cape straight?) I was a bit excited about. Okay, I was full-on giddy. And I, and the entire world, have waited four long years for this …. (drum roll) … World Cup! If you don’t like soccer/football hang in here with me for a minute, please don’t stop reading I have a point, eventually. (Warning: Conversion attempt in progress…)

Before I lose you non-soccer fans, I’ll stray back to my point. This global sporting event is a complete distraction! A glorious, action packed 30 day tournament of diversion. I imagine folks all over the world with problems much bigger (poor word choice) than mine that are reaping the benefits and finding joy in this absolute deluge of soccer. Day 5 of this torment lovely “life-style change” brought me 4 big rewards for starving being good. Yes, 4! In one day! I watched 4 matches!

I enjoyed the first one, Colombia vs Greece with my oldest son, enjoying his non-stop commentary and love for the game. Do we love either of those countries? Not particularly, but it was fun to watch and I hardly noticed that I didn’t completely enjoy that Cappacino-protein thing. Almost.

Oh, and <SQUIRREL!> the commercials are fantastic. We American’s love our commercials during the Superbowl, well this little soccer match brings joyously entertaining adverts. Here’s one of my favorites:

Then, my hubby and I met a friend at a restaurant/bar and watched the Costa Rica vs Uruguay game. We were married on a lovely beach in Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

When they’re not playing the USA, and throwing crap at our players from the stands, I always root for them. They’re a laid back country! Pura Vida!! And lo and behold, they WON!! It was a super fast-paced game, and the best one of the day, in my humble opinion and I hardly noticed the string cut french-fries, and huge loaded hot-dog thing they split. I choked  feasted on a wee little piece of plain meat. I hardly made it noticed!

We left the bar and started for home, but the next match was England vs Italy. A BIG (damn that word) one. We stopped by and joined my ex-husband, boys and a bunch of friends at a pub. My hubby’s Irish, so he’s in the “whoever plays against England” fan base, and we met some of our English buddies there. That always makes it fun-ner. (not a word, but apropos). England flailed. The first few minutes were promising, but… it was exciting enough for me to drool profusely hardly notice when the table was full of buffalo wings and burgers. I didn’t even slap the neighboring kid off his chair to get at his amazing looking pizza. I would have eaten the crust that baby had been teething on, if not for the game!

We got home, I begged my sweet husband to make me some gag veggies, and there appeared some roasted Brussels sprout chips delivered to the couch in a bowl. I ate them like popcorn as we watched Ivory Coast play Japan. That was an exciting game too. Japan gave them a run for their money, but came up short. (don’t even go there… those guys were all huge, on both teams!) Despite the game, I did notice that I have a pretty nice hubby, who has put up with me through all my bitching, screaming and whining   struggles thus far.

Try a game or two! If only for the commercials! It’s a great distraction! Here’s a fun Time Magazine article about them!

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