Hit some tennis balls yesterday, and though I got to hit a few a week or two ago, yesterday (happy sigh) I really hit some balls! There was, sadly, (doc’s orders), no running involved, but I was able to really hit out on the ball, just like old times. Sorta. I’ve said it before, I love nothing more than hitting the snot out of a ball on a flat out run, wide outside forehand for a winner. There’s not much that is more exhilarating or satisfying. Obviously, there was none of that going on. This was no 4.5 tennis match, but the joy of being out there with a patient (damned fine tennis player) friend, was delirious. My happy meter went way up. It didn’t hurt that the sun was out and the temps were in the 80s.

My knee did great! I moved fairly well in my confined (half) of the court and even when she was sending volleys to my groundies, I was able to move and keep up with the faster pace. I only had a tweak or two, but fully expected to be sore today. Nothing! I’m happy to report that there’s not a twinge, AND my tendency to limp has not happened today… yet.

lumpy legs
Knee and calf. If you look closely, you can see at least one of my scope scars. I couldn’t bring myself to show the smush. You’re welcome!

Now, I’m happy with my performance, and I’m happy that my recently scoped knee is not carrying that extra 38 pounds, too, but what kinda makes my heart drop into my stomach is how those legs have morphed into “not tennis legs.” Six months of hanging on the sidelines has made my once toned quads look (gasp, gulp) LuMpY. LUMPY, I tell you. I’m really not that vain, for the most part, but my legs have always been my favorite body part. I still love them for all they do for me, but I feel so sorry for them. Out of shape, and fairly pasty white, they’re just a smushy, fluffy mess! Looking forward to rehabbing these quads, and banishing the mush. I’m ready to hit the weights (c’mon doc, I’ll be careful) and really getting those legs back. There’s a lot of work ahead! The microfracturing done in the knee should all be set at 3-6 months which puts me at the end of November on the short end. I’ve set my follow up for right before Thanksgiving, because I push it like that. 🙂

Tennis legs, I know where you are, and I’m coming for you!