It Sucks To Suck

After work, my hubs and I went on a mountain bike ride with a wee friend of mine. She It sucks to suck.brought along two other gals. None of these girls are beginners, and they’ve all got mondo bikes, like Nelly. (Yes, my bike has a name and don’t be surprised when I’ve written a song about her. I know — eye roll– I’ve already started it!) These ladies are really good bikers. Tonight though, I sucked. I sucked hard. I also realized how it truly sucks to suck.

I’m no beginner mountain biker either, but the truth is, Continue reading “It Sucks To Suck”

Shed The Monster… AND The Monkey!

A friend shared this video this morning on Facebook. I’m still feeling guilty about passing up a mountain bike ride last night and this is EXACTLY why. Every time you ride, Continue reading “Shed The Monster… AND The Monkey!”

She’s A Beauty! And She’s a Runner!

Mirna Fat Girl Running
Mirna Valerio – Inspiration!! Beauty Incarnate!

She’s a beast too. I dare you to run like this woman does. This made me feel so good this week. There are so many ghastly things in the world right now. There are so many people fighting, judging, killing and hating. There are people struggling for all kinds of reasons. This sweet woman though, she won my heart, my awe, my respect and my gratitude. I would love to thank her for putting beautiful vibes and great energy into the Continue reading “She’s A Beauty! And She’s a Runner!”

Whoa Nelly!!! I love you so…

nellynmeI adore my lovely Nelly. She rides like the wind, well, like the winded when we’re rocking the hills. Okay, rocking might be too strong a word. Rocking Continue reading “Whoa Nelly!!! I love you so…”

My Lats, My Lats, My Lats… Oh RATS!

secretFinally did an upper body workout yesterday. I can barely lift my arms to type. I love to feel sore, in a sick sort of way. It feels like I’ve done something. Hooray! However, driving might be an issue. Goodness me, though, seriously my lats? I hardly Continue reading “My Lats, My Lats, My Lats… Oh RATS!”

Casual Sets at the Combo Tourney… BOOM!

You read that right. Casual Sets. Clever team name, huh? What a fun tourney! Heck any tourney would have been a fun tourney after over a year of no tourneys, but this one is especially fun. Put on by our local Capital Area Tennis Association, most all of us approach it as a “just for fun” tourney even though you can advance to a statewide tourney if you take it all. Of course, we’re tennis players, we like to win, DUH, but we Continue reading “Casual Sets at the Combo Tourney… BOOM!”

Inertia, Trail Time and All The Pretty Colors!

Okay, I admit it. Being back on the bike, chasing my hubs around out in the woods is pretty freaking fun. Inertia though, (you know Newton’s theory that an object in motion tends to stay in motion… an object at rest, uh, that would be me, tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force) had a pretty good hold on me. The force Continue reading “Inertia, Trail Time and All The Pretty Colors!”

When Stubborn Kicks In

preparingtorideFinally! We made it to the trail. The real, not paved, outside, rocky, rocky, bumpy, rooty trail! I posted nearly 20 days ago about how I was panicked that my husband had actually managed to get us signed up, paid and in-like-flynn to the BC Bike Race. There’s a countdown on my sidebar about it even. I talked about how desperately I needed to get in shape, and how desperately I needed to Continue reading “When Stubborn Kicks In”

Prescription: Nature

If I were a doctor, I’d be writing this prescription all day long. Truly. I’ve been known to have withdrawal and require nature in large doses. So, watch this parody on those stupid drug ads. It’s genius, and I don’t just mean creatively. I believe that nature is the answer to many, many issues. Some of my favorite lines Continue reading “Prescription: Nature”

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