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This Monkey… In My Guts?

Maybe it’s not on my back? Well, physically it is, but maybe the damned thing is actually in my… guts? I’ve been reading a very interesting book. I’m not through with it, but the Audible version of it just ain’t gonna cut it. There are too many facts, and numbers and quotables that I just can’t go back and reference via audio book. I’ve ordered the hardback and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. It’s called Brain Maker, by Dr. David Perlmutter.
He’s a neurologist. Weird, I know. I’m reading a book by a neurologist about guts. Oh, but it’s fascinating! I kid you not. It makes so much sense too.

Basically I’ve learned that my gut biome is an overgrown jungle Continue reading “This Monkey… In My Guts?”

Your 12 Hours Starts Now. Go!

fatclock 1This morning, The New York Times published an interesting article on their wellness blog. Though it seems that we’ve been hearing variations on this study forever, I like that there have been several experiments around this idea and it’s so very simple!! Basically, the “never eat midnight snacks” or “don’t eat after 6pm” mantras are pretty solid advice after all! Researchers fed mice different diets, high fat, high fructose, or high sucrose and mouse kibble. The mice who were allowed to eat kibble anytime they wanted ended up obese. The mice eating, whatever, but restricted to a time window, stayed sleek and healthy despite being allowed to cheat and eat whenever they wanted occasionally on the weekends. The poor obese mice, who used to eat whenever they wanted, when subjected to a time window of 9-12 hours, ended up losing weight. So, there’s hope people!

Though research hasn’t been done on human subjects yet, the scientists suggest that it won’t hurt to note what time you start with that first cup of coffee and stop 12 hours later. Sounds like a plan. I’m starting today.

Here’s the article.

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