Called in the Cavalry, and It’s On!

Oh, man… I needed some help. Big time. This annoying yo-yo, bouncy castle of diets has been rough. It hasn’t just been rough, it’s been depressing, and defeating. Recently, I roped the adorable hubs into starting Weight Watchers with me. He’s Mr. CutiePants Athlete and really, okay, maybe he could lose 5 pounds. . . maybe. He’s counting points, paid his three months and is actually engaging in the process, cooking things we can eat and best of all, is helping me stay on track. I don’t even care if he sneaks junk food as long as I don’t know. I mean, when you’re earning yourself a bajillion Continue reading “Called in the Cavalry, and It’s On!”

This Monkey… In My Guts?

Maybe it’s not on my back? Well, physically it is, but maybe the damned thing is actually in my… guts? I’ve been reading a very interesting book. I’m not through with it, but the Audible version of it just ain’t gonna cut it. There are too many facts, and numbers and quotables that I just can’t go back and reference via audio book. I’ve ordered the hardback and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. It’s called Brain Maker, by Dr. David Perlmutter.
He’s a neurologist. Weird, I know. I’m reading a book by a neurologist about guts. Oh, but it’s fascinating! I kid you not. It makes so much sense too.

Basically I’ve learned that my gut biome is an overgrown jungle Continue reading “This Monkey… In My Guts?”

One Thing

If There's One Thing You Could Do...
One Thing. Every Day.

At a class the other day, if you can call it that, it was more a sales pitch about why you should spend $800 on their class, they did ask a really good question. What is the one thing that you could do every day in your business that would make a big difference if you actually did it daily? My brain answered it quickly for my day-job business, but then I immediately thought of my wee writing business. My one thing? Write every day. Maybe that means getting out of bed, and going directly to my computer. I could get a good hour in before my day job if I’d get up when I’m supposed to. I could do that. I will do that. I will write for an hour every day.

So, what might help me stay motivated when it comes to this damned monkey? I’ve found through experience, like my whole entire life’s experience, that I’m not good at goals. I’m just not great at setting a goal that takes awhile to reach. My ADD just whisks me, my emotions and my ambition/interest right away from those goals like the wind, more like a Cat 5 hurricane. My brain goes so fast, a goal I set last week (like to lose 50 pounds by whatever date) just gets left in the dust. Even when I’ve written it down, it becomes a memory quickly as if I formed that thought (and what a stupid thought it was) a thousand years ago. I’m better with short term goals, and immediate gratification. I’ve noticed that when I get on my scale every morning, my monkey is in my subconscious, under the attention deficit radar, and I tend to be a better eater the whole day through. There’s my one thing! When I come in to my computer, I’ll just stand up on that scale and face the music. I did it this morning. Let’s hope I don’t have a <squirrel> moment…

And, I liked having a fitbit, but mine was recalled. I’ve been waiting for the Apple Watch, but I’m thinking I want to have some serious reminder and motivation on my wrist again, or instant gratification? It’s not like my knee will let me go 10,000 steps right now, but don’t you think it’ll have that yellow ribbon on the finger effect? It might remind me to do my strength stuff on my knee daily. Or is that just an excuse to spend money?

SquirrelMoment…And there went my squirrel! I almost forgot to hit post because I was over on the REI website checking out the Fitbits! Some things never change. Now, hit Publish!

Except at the Ranch

This week doesn’t count!!!! When you’re at the ranchito, it’s powdered donuts, alcohol, card games, and fire! Oh, and s’mores! So if I take a break to enjoy, and I call it in advance, these calories don’t count, just so we are clear!


Backsliding Bonzo, Rebuilding Resolve

The results from my raucous weekend of football and old friends showed up on my scale. For the first time since June, I gained. Was I disappointed that I ended my losing streak? Yes. Was I surprised? Yes, actually. I was surprised that I only gained one pound.  What was even more surprising was that I lost fat and gained muscle. Maybe Ruby Red vodka is a great weight loss friend? Okay, I kid. Sorta.

I do think that the extra calories I had, didn’t have such an adverse effect on me. I know that I’m not eating all the calories I need, so that my weight loss has slowed anyway. The thing is that I’m not really hungry. One friend is doing an IP bootcamp right now. She’s eating 5 Ideal Protein products a day and her veggies. Another friend is eating 4 Ideal Protein Packets on a daily basis. Maybe I should aim for 4? Maybe I’ll hit my 3? I don’t think 4 would hurt me.

For my squirrel moment, brought to you today by ADHD and me…

Hanging out on the Paseo Del Rio trail... waiting on the bikers to roll through.
Hanging out on the Paseo Del Rio trail… waiting on the bikers to roll through.

My hubs and I drove 8 hours over the weekend to a mountain bike race up in Palo Duro Canyon, way up in the panhandle of Texas. Palo Duro is the second largest canyon in the states. You think you’re just driving across the high plains, flat, flat flat. You wouldn’t even notice it, unless you were looking for it. We didn’t even bring my bike. It was hard to sit at the Transition area all day and watch the men and women come through. I would not have attempted the marathon like the hubs (50 miles of tough single track, he’s a freaking beast!!!), but the 15 mile loop would have been fun. Damn this knee!! Well, and the weather started off in the 20s, but by midday it was gorgeous and in the 60’s. I’m so proud of the hubs for doing it. Turns out it was a pretty grueling race, especially the last 17 miles.

We went to dinner that night after the race. I found a decent restaurant in Amarillo on Yelp. I ate too much. Being idle all day in a really cool state park was really difficult, and I took it out on my stomach. Cocktail, steak, sausage sampler, salad, Brussels sprouts, a few bites of bread with some cheese butter, and apple pie a’la mode. Yep, stomach pains. I ate gluten, and worse, it was pie. My hands will itch for a few days to remind me that gluttony and gluten-y are bad, bad things.

Therefore, it’s time to resolve to revert to my retro resolve. In the beginning, I was so strong! ¡Muy fuerté! Remember my “Day Freaking Three?” I was amazing. I hated this diet life, but I did NOT quit! I didn’t cheat, I was completely resolved to do this thing. I was amazing. Hey wait, I am amazing. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds! So, why stop there? Resolving to click of the last 20 pounds before March. Maybe even before February. There’s my pre-resolution, resolution.

I’m revisiting the post I wrote a few weeks ago on my Good Friday blog for a little reminder. I AM ENOUGH. And you are too.

Reboot! Recharge! Respect!

119daysI’ve been on Ideal Protein for 119 days. I thought I’d be at goal by now instead of wallowing 26 pounds from the finish line. My youngest son turned 15 this weekend, and like most parents, I thought, “Wait. Stop. He can’t be 15!” We ate out, big time. I made him 2 homemade-ish cakes (I used gluten free mixes for the starters, but jazzed them both up). And I tried both of them. One, more than once. And I tried the brownies too. I picked meat off the pizza. ENOUGH ALREADY! I’ve strayed too much from the course for my liking.

Today, I’m back to business, it’s Monday after all. Got a client lunch at Noodle and Company. Never been there, so I’ve got to look at the menu and decide if/what I can eat, so there are no rash decisions going on. This is my first big moment in the almost 4 month run, where I’ve felt a bit flustered, erratic and really naughty (in the food sense.)

I had a momentary lapse of respect for myself and my challenge. Shame on me.

Up a notch now, let’s go!

Day 111: Just Hit The Panic Button

Yep, I Pressed It
Yep, I Pressed It

So, I’ve been at this Ideal Protein thing for 111 days! Yes, that’s great and all, but according to my scale, (gulp) I’ve GAINED a pound. WHAT? And to be fair, it also says my fat percentage has dropped, lean mass increased. I build muscle very easily and I’ve started using my leg more. I’m walking without the crutch around the house, and doing flexing exercises, leg lifts etc. For goodness sake, my left glute was super sore the other day after doing straight leg lifts while laying on the stomach, so using your hammies and glutes… Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve been sore? It hurt so good!

I haven’t been precise this week either, but I’ve stayed away from most carbs (except for that homemade tamale from the Farmer’s Market… woops!… where’s the tiny type when you need it?) I think I’ll go have a sit in the sauna. Hope it won’t blow up my knee. It was definitely premature to hit the big red button but I was alarmed this morning. It’s been 111 days of seeing my number go steadily downward… I was just , well, shocked! We’ll see what I can do by Wednesday!

I realize that I said slow is fine, not two days ago, but backward is not!

Ever have these panic moments?

Mish Mash Friday

Every so often, it’s fun to throw in some random thoughts, things, ideas, experiences and stuff… and things.

  • That 50 Pound Monkey, that went to 60 Pounds, is now at 25.2 (sorry, math is hard.. had to come in and correct this… shoot) 27 pounds. Take that, monkey boy! Damn, I liked my first number better.
  • The hubby just asked me, “What are your plans for 50 Pound Monkey when you have no monkey?” I laughed, but then thought, good question! Oh, and thanks for feeling positive that I’ll get there, love!! Truthfully, there will always be a monkey, right? I mean, it might not be 50 pounds, but there will always be a ghost monkey. That sounds like I need help! What I’m trying to say is that once I’m to my goal, I’m going to have to figure out how to stay there. That’s a whole ‘nother kind of monkey! He asked if I’ll start writing about our training for our 7-day BC Bike Race (hint, hint…think he’s reminding me that I committed to that sucker?) we want to do in 2016. Yes, I think I will. I’ll be writing about all the great adventures that come our way. 50 Pound Monkey isn’t going away… well, it’s going away pound wise, but not publication wise. That’s the plan.
  • My old mountain bike is set up on the trainer, just waiting for me to get on and spin. Woohoo!
    The Joys Of Rehab: Spinning
    The Joys Of Rehab: Spinning

    I’m progressing with the knee. Funnily enough, it’s really, really weird to get on and spin. No resistance is a very weird sensation and I could absolutely fall off that stationary bike from the boredom. I thought road riding was a bore… holy frijoles even with the TV right in front of me, I want to GOOOOOO! Is that why my PT said, “I’m gonna have to worry about you doing too much!” Uh, yea, prolly so.

  • My redheaded son got so sunburned last week at his soccer reffing debut that he’s got scabby peeling yuckiness. #gingerprobs How does that child lose every tube of sunscreen I’ve put in every bag he owns. Okay, I didn’t put it in his ref bag. My bad. #badmom
  • So, this Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle is taking off again. Isn’t that just like the good ol’ Adkin’s Diet?
  • Client lunch at at Thai Restaurant today… uh… what to order and stay with the plan. Not a Thai connoisseur.
  • This Diet Bet thing is pretty fun. I’m in two right now. One of them has a pot of over $60,000. Made my first month goal! woohoo! It’s a lose 10% in 6 months game/bet. You might try it for fun. There’s a whole social network up there too!
  • Had no water last night (as if you care… sorry, it’s random). There was a crew down the street working all night. It’s back, but do we need to boil our water? No notice from the city, but it makes me nervous!
  • I’ve got a great compression sleeve from a really cool company called Body Helix. If you’re sporty, you should check them out. They make high quality, innovative compression sleeves for most body parts. Considered being a rep for them at one point. Cool company! Anyway, I wonder if that would help my knee heal faster, and keep the swelling down. I’m gonna go try it, besides, they feel so snuggy. I used a calf one when I was having plantar fascitis and achilles issues with tennis. It felt good.
  • Hubs is a certified swift water rescue technician, (and ropes rescue/instructor) just because software engineers might need that? No, just because he’s so NOT a nerd.

All right, I’ve done enough brain dumping on you for one day. I’ll leave you with this photo of the gorgeous American Beautyberry photo from my yard this morning. This is my favorite plant ever! They’re berry lovely, don’t you think?

American Beauty Berry
American Beautyberry

The Wake: The Good, The Sad and the Edibles

celtic crossMy grandfather in law passed away last week. He’d been in the hospital for a few weeks, but somehow you just don’t expect it to happen. We got the call at noon, and were on the 6 pm direct to London, then hopped direct to Belfast. We went straight to his Grandma’s house and were greeted by his large Irish family. The wake went on for four days, due to scheduling problems at the church. Someone stayed with Grandpa in the tiny sitting room, as is the custom, at all times. Over 500 people visited him and paid their respects during those days, according to the number of Mass Cards. He was a well respected patriarch of the family, adored by all. He was small in stature, and quiet, however, he spoke up when he needed to. He was married to Granny for 63 years. They’d lived in that wee house for 61.

The four days of visiting with the family were a gift, a goodness in the sadness. I feel like I know them now, more than the introductions and small talk. We’ve met at weddings, but we got to actually talk for untold hours. From the beginning, the family has accepted me and the kids and welcomed us with open arms, but I now feel I really belong. One day, I will write about the experience of the Irish traditions and how they differ, and how lovely it was to see people join in the procession on the way to the church. Another time, another blog. It’s all stored right here in my heart.

The trip offered me many challenges, not the least of which was travelling 13 days post surgery. Heathrow is a huge, huge airport. The gate agent in Austin promised there would be a wheelchair waiting my arrival. Um… no. At Heathrow, it is not uncommon to be dumped on the Tarmac for a bus, and not jetwayed into a terminal. Huge planes mean big staircases down. After 9 hours of plane ride, I was happy to be moving, even though it meant one stair at a time. Onto a bus, and a surprisingly long ride to the terminal. No help awaited. I hobbled, and hobbled and freaking hobbled through the ugly dirty guts of Heathrow. We did get fast tracked through the “medical” line at immigration after someone finally cared enough to get off their butt and offer. We walked past 4 people who, I assume it was their job to fast track me- considering they were in the medical area. It was a man pushing a passenger in a wheel chair (already doing his job) who corralled us into his wake in the medical queue. Then, it was lots and lots and lots of hobbling. Unpleasant at best, painful most often. Thanks Heathrow, you suck.

My other big issue was food. The Irish diet is not healthy (and is chock full of gluten): sausage rolls, scones, toast, bangers, crisps, chips, fried fish, fruit cakes and I could go on and on. At wakes, people bring lots of food (as is our custom here too) and in addition to the aforementioned delectables, there were tea cakes, cakes, sandwiches, cookies, biscuits, pies, soup (gluten) and every kind of sweet pastry imaginable. I sat there in their midst. Hours and hours of sitting and visiting and trying to stay out of the way of the crowds in the tiny kitchen and sitting room. When you’re sad, and you are around sad people, you just want to eat. That is a fact. There were so many things there to nibble on, and frankly, my husband enjoyed the things that he misses living in the states. I took bites here and there, but for the most part, I would deconstruct sandwiches and sausage rolls eating the protein part and my obliging husband would eat the bread. I didn’t eat much. At night, his mum and I would drive the 30 minutes back to their wee town and make chicken breast. She’s a really good cook and had made a pot of curry and some carrot soup, that I LOVE. I compromised and had a bit of the curry as sauce on my chicken breast. I avoided the delicious soup because the sugar content in the carrots. I did taste it though. Yum!

A few people commented that I had lost some weight. The last time they’d seen me I was 25 pounds heavier just 9 months ago. In fact, my sister-in-law’s wedding was the last time we were there. It was her mother-in-law who really noticed. “You look wonderful and fresh, younger, I think!” This was after the burial at the reception when she’d watched me eat plain sausage, and take the meat from several wee sandwiches. We discussed the low-carb lifestyle. I like being fresh! 

Despite the long 20 hours getting home, and the crisps during our wait at Heathrow, and the chips (french fries) I ate the night before we left, my scale says I lost a pound. I didn’t really think I would have, but I’m grateful. I had already decided that emotionally, this week wouldn’t count. It was a tough trip, but I wouldn’t have missed it.

RIP Granda, you will be missed by all of us.

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