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Again! This Time and Happy Hats… Really.

How long have I been writing this weight loss blog? Really, it’s been years… too many @&*+)’n years. I’ve been up (like now… you know, scale wise) and I’ve been down. My emotions are the same. How many times have I asked the questions “Why can’t I do this?” or said, “I think I’ll try…” or “again”. This is life though. There are so many people that  are just like me; straight up, this shit is hard. It downright sucks. My life is so full and I am so happy! I’ve got so much going on and life is so good… except… except that I’m walking around wearing too many layers, in someone else’s body, in a state of internal disrepair because I’m failing at this one thing. I want to stay healthy. I want to avoid diseases like Diabetes and Alzheimers, I want to feel good in my skin. I want to be me, the athlete, the “pull a plow” strong person that Continue reading “Again! This Time and Happy Hats… Really.”

Birks, All The Rage at the Gym

What do you do when you show up at the gym and you’re reaching for the dumbbells, and you notice your footwear is, well German and a bit boho? I decided that I could do my arms workout sporting these really cute patent leather Birkenstocks. Trust me when I say, there were a lot of double takes.  Cue funny footage (pun intended) of Continue reading “Birks, All The Rage at the Gym”

Shed The Monster… AND The Monkey!

A friend shared this video this morning on Facebook. I’m still feeling guilty about passing up a mountain bike ride last night and this is EXACTLY why. Every time you ride, Continue reading “Shed The Monster… AND The Monkey!”

She’s A Beauty! And She’s a Runner!

Mirna Fat Girl Running
Mirna Valerio – Inspiration!! Beauty Incarnate!

She’s a beast too. I dare you to run like this woman does. This made me feel so good this week. There are so many ghastly things in the world right now. There are so many people fighting, judging, killing and hating. There are people struggling for all kinds of reasons. This sweet woman though, she won my heart, my awe, my respect and my gratitude. I would love to thank her for putting beautiful vibes and great energy into the Continue reading “She’s A Beauty! And She’s a Runner!”

My Lats, My Lats, My Lats… Oh RATS!

secretFinally did an upper body workout yesterday. I can barely lift my arms to type. I love to feel sore, in a sick sort of way. It feels like I’ve done something. Hooray! However, driving might be an issue. Goodness me, though, seriously my lats? I hardly Continue reading “My Lats, My Lats, My Lats… Oh RATS!”

Casual Sets at the Combo Tourney… BOOM!

You read that right. Casual Sets. Clever team name, huh? What a fun tourney! Heck any tourney would have been a fun tourney after over a year of no tourneys, but this one is especially fun. Put on by our local Capital Area Tennis Association, most all of us approach it as a “just for fun” tourney even though you can advance to a statewide tourney if you take it all. Of course, we’re tennis players, we like to win, DUH, but we Continue reading “Casual Sets at the Combo Tourney… BOOM!”

Inertia, Trail Time and All The Pretty Colors!

Okay, I admit it. Being back on the bike, chasing my hubs around out in the woods is pretty freaking fun. Inertia though, (you know Newton’s theory that an object in motion tends to stay in motion… an object at rest, uh, that would be me, tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force) had a pretty good hold on me. The force Continue reading “Inertia, Trail Time and All The Pretty Colors!”

340 Days Til The BC Bike Race

What was I thinking? Really! I’m wondering. I’m typing with panic in my veins.

There are only 340 days until I am standing with my hubs, my mountain bike and and a few hundred total bad ass mountain bikers in beautiful British Columbia waiting to hear the start gun. I swear to you right now that I’m on the verge of losing my breakfast. There will be 7 days of single track averaging 50 km a day. Wait, that means about 31 miles of single track mountain biking A DAY! There will be 7 days of ass numbing mountain bike seat sitting, slogging, sleeping in tents and using a porta-pot, or worse. I’m predicting there will be crying. There will be cussing. Oh my gawdddd. What was I thinking? What made me say yes? I don’t rightly know. The race sold out in 4.5 days, so I am not alone. Someone else out there must be freaking out. I’m sure of it. If you’re in and scared to death, please reach out and let me know. Please!

My husband is the cutest and most adorable man ever. I want to please him. I want to impress him. I want him to know he has the most amazing, and completely bad ass wife in the whole entire universe. Does it matter that I’m completely out of shape? Does it matter that I had knee surgery in August and am still trying to recover? Really, does it even remotely matter that I’ve not been on my bike in over a year? Does it matter that I’ve still got a huge ass (I could stop that sentence right there, butt I won’t…) monkey to rid myself of? No, no it does not matter in the least.

I’ve got just over 300 days to get in the best shape of my life. Is this what I needed? Will this be the catalyst? Will it?

This race is epic category stuff here. I know we haven’t done an “epic” thing in years… well, besides getting married 8 years ago (that was flipping EPIC), and the 10 day Alaskan kayaking trip 10 years ago was pretty danged amazing. Life’s been in the way of epicness. (Yes, I realize life itself is pretty damned epic, just go with it). Well, here it comes. It’s a bucket list item, definitely for him, and maybe for me. I’ve got a long way to go, so I better get busy.

Here’s my plan of attack: Tomorrow I go to the University of Texas department of Kineseology to get my DEXA Body Comp Fit scan. This is a very accurate way to measure body fat. I may or may not post it. I posted my last scan years ago. That was harsh. Maybe I’ll post the before and after in 12 weeks? Maybe.

I will start the Body For Life protocol tomorrow. I will do it for 12 weeks, knee permitting. This is the big factor for me. BFL requires heavy lifting. I have to be able to get my legs into this. I can definitely do the upper body workouts and I think I can do my cardio/interval training on the elliptical. This is a six day a week thing. I’ve done it before with spectacular results. It’s just super hard to commit to training six days a week. I’ve also got to figure out when to get some bike time in. And tennis, I can’t walk away from that. I would also like to use the sauna that’s in the garage. It’s just good for you.

They say that when you write your goals and intentions down, you are more likely to achieve them. Well, I’ve been doing that here for a few years now via this blog… uh. Never-mind. This starts now.

There will be 339 days during which I can prepare myself for this BC Bike race. I’m so scared right now.

Scared doesn’t quite do it. Terrified, really.

Spring Has Sprung! (Me Too Then!)

Spring is absolutely my favorite time of year. Here in Texas, we get about 2 weeks of spring and then we hit the 100s for a long, long time. Okay, maybe I exaggerate about the 100s right away, but Spring is really short and we’re in the 100s well into September. But, now is the time that my Facebook feeds are exploding withIMG_9233 bluebonnet pictures. We Texans love, love love our wildflowers, especially the highly revered state flower, the lovely bluebonnet. Ladybird Johnson was instrumental in the beautification of cities and towns across the country. She introduced the highway beautification act and man, there’s nothing more Texan or more classic than taking your photos (kids, dogs, rattlesnakes) in the wildflowers along our highways! In Austin, we love our Ladybird Johnson so much that we’ve re-named Town Lake for her, and the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center also bears her name. I digress, my point is that spring has absolutely sprung. I love sitting outside in the mornings and watching the morning come alive.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve officially been sprung from my un-active (for almost an entire year!!!) prison! My knee has been tested and please forgive me for shouting and jumping up and down as I type this, “I PLAYED AN OFFICIAL USTA TENNIS MATCH THIS WEEK!!!!!!” Sorry, I know. It’s been nearly a year, just a couple weeks shy of a year since I last played a real match. I’m over the moon. I’m skipping through the bluebonnets! Did I care that I had never met my partner? Did I care that we got pounded? No, not one bit!! I’m just so happy to be out there. I knocked some of the rust off, and I’m (I need to sit down for this one) going to play singles (my first love) next week in the line up. So, just in case the dubs didn’t test it properly, this surely will. C’mon knee!! Fingers crossing everywhere, please!!

AND, if that wasn’t enough good news for one day, I’ve also been hitting the bike. Hubs and I did 20 miles over the weekend. His mountain bike is outta commission so he had his roadie, but I rode my mountain bike, and dang, it’s been a long time. It was paved with just a few hills and NO traffic. There’s this new bike path going from Austin to Manor and beyond. Thank you Austin! Tonight we rode a group ride that was a “beginner” level ride. Hubs always goes and helps the organizers, but this was my first time. Holy shittakes! Why was this 15 miles so much harder than the 20 over the weekend? That and well, my bohunkus hurts. I’m a tender-assed, bad ass. Yes. I’m going with that. So here’s some of the fun! Have a great week and ENJOY being active!!

Free At Last! Sprung!
Free At Last! Sprung!

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