I’ve been away lately. Well, not away, away as in on a big adventure somewhere, but you know, I’ve been avoiding my blog, whilst adventuring on as we do in our regular lives. And, shockingly, but not, I’ve changed weight loss strategies again. I’ve circled around, probably passed go, but wasn’t handed the Monopoly money on the way round. Why do I go through strategies, like socks? Seriously? I don’t know. I think that I’m not alone though, with the diet market a multi-bajillion dollar industry, I think we, as dieters must all be habitual flippy-floppers. If we’re not, let me just pretend.

On April 11th, after reading the book Brain Maker, which I highly recommend, I decided to change my woeful ways and start eating more of the good gut stuff. Dr. Perlmutter recommends a diet high in avocado, coconut oil, and grass-fed beef as an Anti-Alzheimer’s trio. Those are definitely key words. I can do that. He also says to up your probiotics, get enough Vitamin D, along with other key nutrients. I can do that. Eat food that can go bad, because if it stays good, it’s bad. It has inspired me to hit the Farmers market EVERY weekend. I have to admit, that though I don’t eat enough veggies, I sure love going and buying fatty bacon, eggs, fresh whole organic pasture raised chickens, beef and the few veggies I actually do eat, directly from the same farmers every week. I didn’t know it would feel so great to know where exactly my food is coming from and the people that raise and produce it. I look forward to my Saturday morning stroll up and down the stalls. I love to look at all the fresh produce, ask questions, greet friends, hear the live music and get samples. Refreshing and lovely. FM Pics

I started the Low Carb High Fat diet, on the 11th. (LCHF) In the last 28 days I’ve lost about 9 pounds. I’ve eaten a full pig’s worth of bacon, I think. We even save the grease and cook our veggies in it, or fry a fresh, grass-fed ground beef patty in it. I’m a convert. I haven’t even missed sugar. Weird. I mean REALLY weird. However, the past two days I’ve been craving a wee treat. Something sweet, creamy and delicious… like maybe peanut butter cookies, or cheesecake. That little niggle started a search on Pinterest and a long stay on the sugar aisle at the grocery store trying to figure out what the hell erithrytol was before getting some natural stevia leaf extract and moving on. I decided I would give some low carb peanut butter cookies a try. My peanut butter is literally ground peanuts with no sugar (first clue)…  So, I tried using the peanut butter, egg and erythritol and um… GROSS. Pinterest fail. To be clear, I do not like, nor do I recommend fake sugar in any of it’s devilish forms. It’s terrible for you. I mean, it’s ridiculously bad, but, sometimes I eat that %#@(* in small amounts. It’s not a daily thing, I usually avoid it. Sometimes, you just need a sweet something something, you know?

Today though, I just decided to wing it. I’d seen something about whipped cream and pudding and decided to just whip something up. (pun, pun, pun). Wow. I’m glad I did. Just a little bit solved that craving for something rich and sweet and cheesecakey. It was fluffy deliciousness, just so you know. I didn’t measure (Surprised? Doubtful.), so I’ll just give you my slapdashery recipe. “Just try it. It will be fine,” she said.

The Low Carb Fluffy Stuffy Fluffinesslow carb dessert

1 Cup-ish of heavy cream
1/3 more or less of an 8 oz block of cream cheese
1 box exactly, of sugar free Jello Pudding (I used vanilla)

Whip the cream until creamy in the mix-master. You know, til’ it forms peaks and all that. Heat the cream cheese for 30 seconds in the microwave to make soft. Add to the whipped cream. Add the box of pudding. Whip until stirred well. You probably don’t want to over stir because the fluff starts to lose it’s fluffiness, I noticed, the longer I whipped.

That is it. Grab a spoon, or use a finger like I did. It was even teenager approved. The exact quote being, “Wow, that’s actually pretty good!” As if you had a doubt son, as if you could possibly have had a doubt. Okay, he definitely has reason. Full disclosure: I’m guessing on the carbs too. The whole box of pudding had 6 carbs, the cream had 0 and the 1/3 block of cream cheese has 5.333… so if you eat the whole thing, and I dare you to do that, you’re consuming 11.3 ish carbs. If you have a few spoonfuls of fluffy deliciousness, then you’ll be doing just fine.

That’s my story anyway. Enjoy.

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