Mirna Fat Girl Running
Mirna Valerio – Inspiration!! Beauty Incarnate!

She’s a beast too. I dare you to run like this woman does. This made me feel so good this week. There are so many ghastly things in the world right now. There are so many people fighting, judging, killing and hating. There are people struggling for all kinds of reasons. This sweet woman though, she won my heart, my awe, my respect and my gratitude. I would love to thank her for putting beautiful vibes and great energy into the

world. We, as a collective, as human beings, need more good stuff. You go, Mirna! You are an athlete. You are strong. You are amazingly brave and gorgeous! What spirit! Thank you for your light. I, for one, needed that. Desperately.

Do yourself a favor and go watch this lovely interview with Mirna Valerio. I guarantee she will change your outlook this week.

While you’re at it, check out her blog: Fat Girl Running.