nellynmeI adore my lovely Nelly. She rides like the wind, well, like the winded when we’re rocking the hills. Okay, rocking might be too strong a word. Rocking like wobbling because we’re grinding up them at .02 mph. She makes my heart pound! (Topped out close to 180 the other day, for real.) She’s a sweet, happy slice of tangerine dream on the trail. That much is true. I love riding that bright orange bike.

We didn’t get to ride at all this week, which is a damned shame. There are many reasons why it didn’t happen, but today, today we got out there. It thrills me no end when, like today, I rounded the corner at the top of a rocky hill and wasn’t on the verge of panic like I was a mere couple weeks ago. Sweet Nelly, she’s the best, just gives me confidence, and her big, beautiful … wheels, roll over things that might have once launched me supermanning over the bars. I’ve kinda perfected the endo in this life, it was time to move on anyway. I rounded that corner knowing I had a steep little, loose-rock down hill, needed to stay left and my stress level, barely registered. A mere 100 yards or so past that, and the &^%^%$* creek crossing that used to toss me to the ground on a regular basis, or at the very least make me bail un-gracefully in a fit of adrenaline fueled all-out panic, barely registered on the meter. There was stress, but I stand up, get my butt back behind that seat and Nelly EATS IT UP like a pro. I love her.

You see, I wasn’t really excited to go out there today. I’d had two very fun nights out in a row. Yes, we hung out with some great friends and I got started on my 50 Before 50 challenge! Pardon my squirrel moment for a second because this is important (to me) I’m about 50 weeks from the big five-O, and I’m going to do at least 50 new things. You can check that out here, there are pictures, and well, yes, it involved a lap dance. Hey, don’t judge. Just go check it out. I hope you’ll be inspired wherever you are in your journey.

No, I was tired today. I was a bit grumpy, but I needed to get back out there. I was feeling the dangerous tug of inertia begging me to “take it easy” just today… and maybe tomorrow. You know how that goes. The BC Bike Race is um… what does my side bar say??? 9 months away. Time enough to make a baby, but is there time enough to lose my baby weight (from 15 years ago)? I kid. It’s really not baby weight, but well, maybe it is. Maybe I’ve just multiplied it?

We went anyway. When I was only about 20 minutes in, Nelly worked her sweet, sweet magic and had me happily pedaling and daydreaming. I do that. A lot. At one point, way back in the back part, I swear I had a ghost rider behind me. I kept thinking I had a faster mountain biker coming up behind me through the trees. I kept checking my six, and weirdly, there was nobody. There’s one point in the trail where I have the strange sense, or sensation that someone’s gonna reach out and clothesline me when I come around the corner. Every. Damn. Time. It weirds me out. It never happens, but it’s always in the same place. There’s a cool mushroom tree too. Well, a tree covered in shrooms. I’ll snap a pic next time. We were tooling along in a really narrow part of the trail, way back in the middle of nowhere, when I rounded a corner and “BAM” suddenly there was a little jogger woman smack in front of me, and I mean right in front of me. She stepped off the trail, I dodged right to miss her and I said something like “(**&^^((%&” and she saw my sheer panic and said, “You’re allright, it’s okay!” She had the advantage because my hubs had already almost killed her and he told her there was “one more” (as was the polite thing to do). Tragedy averted, we met up at the end of that section. Nobody died, nobody got clotheslined, no shrooms were consumed.

There was definitely less muscle fatigue today, so maybe drinking lots of Ruby Red Vodka and hanging out with friends is good for me? Or maybe this biking is paying off, you pick. I definitely hit my granniest gear and barely made it up the last big hill, but by golly, I made it! I’m just happy we got out there. There was a nicenelly roof buck all dressed in his finest velvet too. Crazy considering the location of those trails. Animals are pretty amazingly adaptable. There were lots of people, and lots of dogs it seemed enjoying our NOT 100 degree morning. Lovely, it was.

On the car ride home, I like to open the sunroof and check on Nelly as she sits pretty as a picture above my head. Did I say I love her? (sigh).