If I were a doctor, I’d be writing this prescription all day long. Truly. I’ve been known to have withdrawal and require nature in large doses. So, watch this parody on those stupid drug ads. It’s genius, and I don’t just mean creatively. I believe that nature is the answer to many, many issues. Some of my favorite lines show up in the small print on the screen. I don’t even think they’re all spoken. “Nature can help reduce cynicism, meaninglessness, anal retentiveness and murderous rage.” I love that! “Results may vary — golf is not nature.” Or “… warning nature might seriously cause you to consider what the f*** you’re doing with your life.”

Enjoy, and get out there and get your daily dose of mama nature. It does a body good.

Go over and subscribe to the Nature RX YouTube channel. I just did. I wonder if they’re on Twitter.