That’s how a friend described my text. Two of my best girls seem to always be on this journey with me. Sometimes we take our own roads, diet paths so to speak, but they always seem to parallel me; except when I run around in the woods chasing squirrels, hugging trees and wondering what the hell happened to that trail I was on. Then, we diverge for awhile until I find my way back. Somehow we, all three of us separately, decided to do the Body For Life plan all at the same time. It’s the ONE thing that has worked for all of us at different times.

I’m struggling. Desperately flailing. Failing, to be precise. My first day was supposed to be arms. My first day was supposed to be perfect in my rear-view mirror of this morning, but a gawd-dang taco happened. Arms never did.

Here’s what went wrong. I got up full of stress. It was Monday. I had to figure out what was happening with work,  when I’d work in my workout and dammit it all, I had to eat 6 super clean meals. I admit. I lost the plot from the first of those. My hubs made me steel cut oats. Check! I grabbed the bowl, sat down in front of my computer to start working and the next thing I knew… had I gotten up and added my clean protein to those oats? No. No, I had not. Had I eaten my snack, had a protein shake at least mid morning? No. I had not. It was 1 in the afternoon and I had to get to my knee MRI by 1:30. I was so hungry I was almost in tears. I grabbed a piece of gluten free bread, two eggs and boom. Blew it. Bread is a simple carb. It is not on the approved list. Then, I grabbed another slice and smeared some natural peanut butter on it. Bread is not on the approved list!

Out the door I raced, and got my MRI done. I raced to the office, then to south Austin for work, then back. Guess the @#%^ what? I was starving and on the verge of tears again. I was stressing myself out. Hello, Torchys! I do love Torchy’s Tacos. If you don’t, you’re not a good and proper Austinite. (Simmer down, I know the Taco debate rages, but I am right. My blog! Torchy’s Rocks!) I got their Taco of the Month, The American, on corn. Corn tortillas are actually on the okay list… I think. The fried chicken, pork bacon and pineapple slaw, sadly, probably isn’t. However, I have never had anything so delicious in my life. It was downright patriotic for gosh sakes. AND, they put it on a flour tortilla. What? They sabotaged my sabotage. Flour tortillas are most definitely NOT on the list and they make me itch. Glutenous! Scandalous! I ate it. I loved it. I regretted it.

I tried to save the day by going to tennis drills in the 100+ heat. Knee hated it. I loved it. I sweated, laughed and hit the absolute cover off the ball. Take that Body For Life. Take that, stress! Man, it felt good.

Hubs called after he got off the mountain bike trail. I was once again, famished. I begged for gluten free chinese food. I have no idea how those egg rolls ended up in our order. It’s a feckin’ mystery, it is.

Today is another day. I’m eating steel cut oats, with a side of turkey sausage as I type. Here we go, then.

Get thee behind me, tacos!