I started Body For Life today. I just want cookies. That is all.

Okay, no, it’s not all. I went to the gym yesterday to test the knee on the weights. I need to lift a LOT of weight on this program. I want to load that sled up with 45s and go. So, I got on the sled, and hubby said, “try it with no weight first.” I gave him a look. “Just to test it.” Really? Do I look like a wee delicate flower? Fine. I lifted,expletive and as I came down to 90° and started back in the other direction with “NO WEIGHT” it hurt. I decided that it just needed to warm up. I did a few more, “It hurts, doesn’t it?” Dammit. Yes, yes it does. It hurt my knee physically. It hurt that yes, maybe I have become a wee delicate flower (or an old wilted and half dead, brittle one). It hurt my pride. It hurt that I still, post knee surgery by almost a year, have limitations. I don’t like limitations. I don’t like it when something, not to mention my body, doesn’t work properly.

So, I started with oatmeal for breakfast. I forgot my protein. I’m a genius. I’ll get it right eventually. I’ve got to figure out when to get my workout in. I guess I’ll do arms later?

I did schedule my MRI for today for that knee. Please don’t let me completely be falling apart before 50. Did I mention that I have a detached retina and will have laser surgery Friday? What the hell is going on here? Have I mentioned that I’m grumpy? I probably don’t have to. Oh, and the heat index is about 105 at 8am.

Okay, with all that being said and bitched about, life is still pretty good. I was asked by a friend to start a band. That’s fun, new and exciting. And scary. Very scary. Business is great. My family is well.

Bear with me. New eating patterns (ie no cookies) always makes me grouchy for awhile. I say that like I eat cookies all the time. I don’t, but when I “can’t have something…” well, you know. We’ll see how the MRI looks. Then, either bring on another &*((^% knee surgery, or bring on those weights. That’s the way I see it… with my good eye.