So, happy hour was all well and good. I met a good friend at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We had a few cocktails, a few appetizers and enjoyed engaging and often deep conversations. Everything was right with the world as I drove home… up until the point where I was blinded by the glowing neon sign that declared “hot now” at the Krispy Kreme. Oh don’t act like it’s not a temptation. On a regular day I wouldn’t even look at the sign. I pointedly ignore it. Today however, let’s just say my eyes wandered. I passed by and immediately did a U-turn whipped into the parking lot and walked in for my hot now doughnut. I proceeded to order a dozen of assorted flavors that my family enjoys fully anticipating that everyone would be happy for a treat! Who was I kidding? How many do you think I actually made it home? The truth is, happy hour has now gone bad, really, really, bad. Not only did I eat a thousand million bajillion calories of sugar, I have injured myself with the evil gluten therein. I am gluten intolerant. Gluten makes my hands break out and itch and peel and bleed. It really sucks. However, in recent years it also makes my stomach hurt. So three hours post Krispy Kreme doughnut binge, my stomach is swollen like a pregnant person. I feel nauseated, and I have a headache. I am a complete and utter dumb dumb.  

A miserable dumb dumb!! Sigh.  When will I learn? When????