What was I thinking? Really! I’m wondering. I’m typing with panic in my veins.

There are only 340 days until I am standing with my hubs, my mountain bike and and a few hundred total bad ass mountain bikers in beautiful British Columbia waiting to hear the start gun. I swear to you right now that I’m on the verge of losing my breakfast. There will be 7 days of single track averaging 50 km a day. Wait, that means about 31 miles of single track mountain biking A DAY! There will be 7 days of ass numbing mountain bike seat sitting, slogging, sleeping in tents and using a porta-pot, or worse. I’m predicting there will be crying. There will be cussing. Oh my gawdddd. What was I thinking? What made me say yes? I don’t rightly know. The race sold out in 4.5 days, so I am not alone. Someone else out there must be freaking out. I’m sure of it. If you’re in and scared to death, please reach out and let me know. Please!

My husband is the cutest and most adorable man ever. I want to please him. I want to impress him. I want him to know he has the most amazing, and completely bad ass wife in the whole entire universe. Does it matter that I’m completely out of shape? Does it matter that I had knee surgery in August and am still trying to recover? Really, does it even remotely matter that I’ve not been on my bike in over a year? Does it matter that I’ve still got a huge ass (I could stop that sentence right there, butt I won’t…) monkey to rid myself of? No, no it does not matter in the least.

I’ve got just over 300 days to get in the best shape of my life. Is this what I needed? Will this be the catalyst? Will it?

This race is epic category stuff here. I know we haven’t done an “epic” thing in years… well, besides getting married 8 years ago (that was flipping EPIC), and the 10 day Alaskan kayaking trip 10 years ago was pretty danged amazing. Life’s been in the way of epicness. (Yes, I realize life itself is pretty damned epic, just go with it). Well, here it comes. It’s a bucket list item, definitely for him, and maybe for me. I’ve got a long way to go, so I better get busy.

Here’s my plan of attack: Tomorrow I go to the University of Texas department of Kineseology to get my DEXA Body Comp Fit scan. This is a very accurate way to measure body fat. I may or may not post it. I posted my last scan years ago. That was harsh. Maybe I’ll post the before and after in 12 weeks? Maybe.

I will start the Body For Life protocol tomorrow. I will do it for 12 weeks, knee permitting. This is the big factor for me. BFL requires heavy lifting. I have to be able to get my legs into this. I can definitely do the upper body workouts and I think I can do my cardio/interval training on the elliptical. This is a six day a week thing. I’ve done it before with spectacular results. It’s just super hard to commit to training six days a week. I’ve also got to figure out when to get some bike time in. And tennis, I can’t walk away from that. I would also like to use the sauna that’s in the garage. It’s just good for you.

They say that when you write your goals and intentions down, you are more likely to achieve them. Well, I’ve been doing that here for a few years now via this blog… uh. Never-mind. This starts now.

There will be 339 days during which I can prepare myself for this BC Bike race. I’m so scared right now.

Scared doesn’t quite do it. Terrified, really.