What a week! As I sit here, in my toasty house, I’m relieved that the week is done. Over. Finished. There was much drama. I dealt with an overly aggressive co-worker that sent me into an emotional tailspin, the grief of a dear friend, back pain, professional luncheons, many meetings, cold weather delays, last minute cancellations, writing gigs, unexpected bills, grumpy people, organizational issues, PT appointments… and the list could go on. It’s funny though, because as soon as I start lamenting my stresses, my brain immediately jumps to guilt mode. “Cry me a river,” I think, “You’ve got it so easy! There are so many people right now, this very second, struggling to take one more breath.” There are people hearing that they’ve got diseases, holding the hand of their most precious people who are sick, hurt, hopeless. There are people who don’t have electricity, or a roof over their heads. There are people looking in trash heaps at this very second, looking for a morsel to eat, or something they could use or sell. There are people slamming on their brakes, living in trauma, or feeling so alone they don’t want to go on.

The scenarios of struggle, pain and depression in this world are endless, but I am human, and I’m not perfect. I utter a wee whine at my stresses occasionally, but I just can’t seem to wallow there. Seriously. I’m so lucky that I immediately feel guilty at my self indulgent grumbles. Maybe I should bless my ADD tendencies because I don’t tend to stay in one lane for long. I get over myself.

I worry sometimes that I tend to forget to be present in the moment, even the stressful ones. I know for sure that when I’m connecting to people I’m there, fully, aren’t I? Sometimes? I got to Friday night and was immediately glad to have that week behind me. What? That was a week of my life and I’m happy to see it gone? Is that right? It certainly doesn’t sound right as I type it.

Okay, here’s to unpacking the good things. I was a good friend this week, I hope. I sure tried to be. My heart was there. Despite it all, I got a lot of work done, both with the day job and the writing gig. I made connections for people both professionally and privately. I got some invoices sent out! I got some good PT in for my knee, and it’s getting better and stronger. Yes! I told my friends I loved them. I told my husband and my kids too. I snuggled with my dogs, however briefly, while I watched my recorded episodes of The Voice. I did an interview for someone’s project, and got a massage for the back pain. I made Amplify Austin donations to Out Youth, Spirit Reins Ranch and Austin Dog Rescue and that felt GREAT! I don’t think I gained weight this week. I made Cauliflower soup, did dishes, paid bills and am finally writing a blog post. Okay fine. It was a decent week. How bout yours?