Yep, Laugh Lines! Love 'em!
Yep, Laugh Lines! Love ’em!

It is with great thrillage that I announce that I’ve been featured on another blogger’s blog. She asked for submissions on love for the month of February, and I couldn’t resist the writing prompt. Heaven knows I LOVE so many people, and so many ideas, and so many creatures that it was very difficult to decide what to write. I had recently taken a selfie because a friend had knitted me a really cool neck warmer thingy. I was so excited that I immediately put it on and sent her a snap. When I looked at the photo, I grinned at myself. “I must laugh a lot,” I mused. And then, I was so happy that thought popped into my head. Wow! Laugh lines! Those are the best kind of wrinkles!

There you go. Please, oh so pretty please, go check it out:┬áLovin’ My Laugh Lines on Musings By The Bay.