Glorious, fuzzy yellow balls! Oh, and the sound… it’s just one of those things like, like… horse smell You know, if you’re a horse person, you love the way they smell. Back me up here horse peeps. It’s just a thing. I get it! But the sound of a racket striking a ball solid and hard, I love that sound! And so there were balls, and friends, and miss-hits, and crap serving (a weird disconnect has happened… it feels so foreign), but I got to hit, and feel and hear. And move! I couldn’t last all that long, though, disappointingly, the knee started to get annoyed. So, I did what I was supposed to do. I stopped!

Okay, I stopped playing tennis like a good girl, but not having fun. Of course, there was celebratory eating and drinking with the besties and the hubs. I love these people, and not just because of tennis! I just do.

And, tonight I actually get to hit my regular session at my club. I think that I will skip the drills class after, just because that’s probably more than I should do. What did the PT say? “Be smart. (bawhahha) Don’t go from 0-100 in one day, or even week.” Fine. I will try to breathe despite the cedar pollen that will attempt to kill me. I will try to get my timing back. I will try to get some stamina in my quad and get all those wimpy little atrophied muscles up and firing! One thing is quite clear,  it will (obviously) ROCK my world to hit balls two days in a row.

Giddy up!

Me and my first horse, Ruby.  Just because I referenced the horse thing.
Me and my first horse, Ruby. Just because I referenced the horse thing. I loved her so.