Carbs and Sugar The Devils delights
Pure (delicious) Evil!

Maybe someone can help me. That’s actually a rhetorical statement because I know that what I’m about to say is pretty much a universal truth.¬†Carbs and sugar are the fruit of evil, the devil’s delights. And I am the silly, fat monkey swinging through the trees unable to stop snatching donuts and shoving them into my gob. Oh wait, Fritos? Yes, please.¬†Crunch, crunch, savor, crunch. (Squirrel moment: Are Fritos and bean dip a Texas thing? Because oh, my, gosh… I can’t stop! I don’t want to stop.)

In the last month, I’ve felt awful. My hands are raging in full gluten induced eczema, and they hurt and itch like a mother father. Raging! My joints are achy too. I’ve noticed that after coming down from a sugar high, I’m struck in the gut with nausea, gas, and my knee hurts no matter how far I’ve come in PT. It’s inflammation, full on, and haven’t I written about that? All the research shows that inflammation is the root of diseases like cancer, diabetes and maybe even Alzheimer’s. Well, I’ve lost my mind, that’s for sure. So why do I continue to do this to myself?

For months, I’ve given all that up. I lost almost 30 pounds doing so and I felt GREAT! Why, as I consider myself a fairly rational, moderately intelligent human, did I plop right back into the carb/sugar vortex during the holidays? Not only did I gain ten pounds, I’ve lost any modicum of acumen I might have had to start. (Hello big words in the morning… Oh, right, I haven’t eaten carbs today!) Holy shit. It’s the carbs isn’t it? They make you fat AND stupid. Yes, yes they do because sugar’s been proven to be more addictive than Cocaine. (I read that somewhere). And carbs really just turn into sugar, so what’s the difference? I’m an addict? Oh, hell no!

Today, the carbs go away. I will feel great, and smart, again soon!