boxing glovesInflammation is the root of so many issues. Some experts believe that chronic inflammation in the body causes most diseases including cancer, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease and the list goes on. A few weeks ago I wrote a post talking about Dr. Dwight Lundell’s article stating as much, and admitting he, and most doctors are flat out wrong about what causes heart disease. Recently, there was a study on carbohydrates and Alzheimer’s disease. I found it interesting that Dr. Lundell also says that carbs are a big reason for inflammation and thus disease. So, what are we to do about it, besides cutting simple carbs? I did some research for myself and I’m sharing these 5 natural foods that fight inflammation.

1. Curcumin: The good news is that Curcumin is an herb. It’s been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and is a very strong anti-inflammatory found in tumeric. It’s the spice that makes curry yellow. In addition to its anti-inflammatory affects, here are a few of its reported other benefits: controls and modulates blood sugar, been shown to kill cancer cells, and boosts bodies levels of antioxidants. Because it would be nearly impossible to eat enough curry to get enough, there are supplements. You’ll need to take it with black pepper to help absorption. I read somewhere that you can swallow a few black peppercorns with your supplements, so that’s how I take it. Easy! Oh, and there are studies on the benefits of curcumin in relation to Alzheimer’s. It’s pretty powerful.

2. Oily Fish: Salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna are all high in Omega 3 fatty acids. You’d need to eat fish several times a week, and no fried fish and chips, that doesn’t count! If  you’re like me and not a fish fan, (well, I do like it fried from the Chippy), supplementing with fish oil is a great idea.

3. Dark Leafy Veggies: Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Collard Greens… your mama was right! The darker the leaf, the more phytochemicals, and a higher concentration of vitamins. Eat your veggies.

4. Olive Oil: From what I’ve read, extra virgin olive oil, (from the first pressing of olives, I didn’t know that) contains a compound that suppresses the chemicals that cause inflammation in your body. (sort of like Iburprofin does, evidently). Cut out the vegetable oil. Stop it. It sounds like it’s good for you because it has the word “vegetable.” It is NOT good.

5. Cherries: Studies have shown that when healthy men and women added cherries to their diets that their blood markers for inflammation went down. Scientists say that the compounds that create the cherries rich red color are the anti-inflammatory agents. Now, if I could only learn how to tie those stems!!

There are many sources out there with many, many ideas to naturally reduce your body’s inflammation. Because I’m no doctor, and am not an expert in any way, shape of form, I’ve simply found these foods/supplements out on the web. I’d suggest you go out and search anti-inflammatory foods and see what you think will work for you. My main point is that I think that inflammation is something we need to think about and try to control as best we can. I’m not a fan of pharmaceuticals, unless there’s a dire and acute need and I do believe that we can heal our bodies with what we eat. It seems to make sense that food is medicine, doesn’t it?

How do you fight inflammation?