The older I get, the further I jump aboard the Organic and sustainable food train. People say things like, “It doesn’t mean they don’t use pesticides” or “you’re burning your money.” You know what? They may be right, but it makes a difference to me that I’m trying, in this world gone chemical, to do what’s right for my family and our health. There’s probably a difference in my perception of what the word “organic” means and what it really means. That’s the truth. Do I have the time to go and research it all? No, and I don’t have that kind of technical mentality and scientific curiosity that drives folks to find out.┬áSo for now, I buy as much as I can from organic farmers at the market, which makes me happy. But you have to admit that it’s really confusing out there, and sometimes this happens:

organic donuts

I love hate it when that happens.