The other day, I wrote about my victory and the smaller “Pants Dance.” That was obviously an “up” day, as it should have been. There’s just something about that feeling of looking at that pair of pants in the front of the closet that you know (by the size on the label) should have fit when you bought them, but didn’t even come close. After months of taunting, every, single day and trying them on every so often you get the urge and they button right up, without a strain or too much stretch.Yes, good day.

Yesterday, I almost wrote about the Old Pants Dance. I had a client function out in the middle of nowhere. You know, or if you’re not a Texan, a boots and jeans tromp around  a ranch function. My first thought was, “Oh no! I think I dumped all my jeans because they were too small.” (Yes, I did one of those clean outs in my frustration about a year ago… ) I wondered if I would have time to go buy a pair before the function. At the 11th hour, I remembered that I had stuck a box of something in a cabinet under the TV (go figure). Boom! There they were. I grabbed the first pair and nervously put them on. I noticed that they were the smaller pair, the ones that were always the tightest. What? Button. Zip. Done. Wow! The happy feeling of accomplishment made me feel warm and fuzzy! I did a little booty shake for the hubs and pointed at my jeans (he was on a conference call) I got a grin and a thumbs up and was out the door. I was feeling pretty good.

A coworker commented when I got there that I was looking great! Happy (inside) dance. Then, it happened. Someone asked for a photo. We all got together, and posed. Yay! I handed over my phone and got a picture too. Afterall, I was in those jeans again! Woohoo. Then, I looked at the photo. You know that thing that happens to a baloon when you are blowing it up and you accidentally let go? It flies around erratically and makes a funny noise. Yes, that happened. The reality of how far I’ve got to go slapped me, twenty-seven point two pounds, to be precise, slapped me upside my head. I was reeling sideways.

By the time I got home, I was feeling a bit down, frustrated and tired.

And, this is why I love being ADD. This morning, I was back to happy and good again. I dug back in to that same basket of smaller clothes (still under the TV), grabbed a pair of khaki pants and threw them on. These were even loose in the waist. What? (GRIN) Just a happy reminder to me that I have come so far. In that photo, I failed to notice that I

I was apprehensive about buying yellow shoes, but somehow, they make me happy! Happy dance!
I was apprehensive about buying yellow shoes, but somehow, they make me happy! Happy dance!

work with lovely, beautiful people that I’m happy to hang out with. It was so good to treat our clients to a fun outing with BBQ and beer.

I’m happy to report that I’m back to up. Mostly. I put on my yellow happy shoes. That always helps!