I feel great today after a lovely dinner with friends last night and a trip to the Farmer’s market this morning. Joy. Hope you like this post from my Good Friday blog. Happy Saturday!

Good Friday

Glorious BountyThis morning, I snapped this photo of my bounty from the Farmer’s Market.

Gorgeous, wild, unruly flowers from a local farm. I’ve eyed their booth all summer with longing, but never let myself buy them. In the 100 degree heat, I knew they wouldn’t last in my car while I did the rest of my errands. Today though, in the overcast skies and deliciously humid morning air, I sought them out. I bought okra and squash and some fresh-made pate for my husband, but it was the glorious bunch of flowers in my hand that made me feel effervescent, heady and nostalgic .

I always think of my mom when I see a messy bunch of wildflowers. She was not a lover of manicured lawns, perfect roses, or dyed daisies. No, she preferred her flowers like she preferred her people, natural, interesting and colorful. I too prefer my world that…

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