one crutchBut it’s just ONE crutch! And don’t you think it goes perfectly with those shoes? Happy Sunday! I’m happy to report that pictures don’t freak me out as much as they once did. A long 90 days ago, I was so desperate to not be in front of a camera that violence was not out of the question (kidding, kinda). Now, halfway there, it’s not so bad. 

I will find out tomorrow (my first knee post op) if I can get the stitches removed, and if skipping to one crutch was a no-no. It’s just so much easier for me (and my poor hubs) because I can carry my own stuff around. I’m so tired of getting somewhere, leaning the crutches and having one or both go crashing to the ground or worse, on top of a poor ever-present dog. I’m already guilty of taking off and walking 10 or more steps before I realize that I’ve forgotten my crutches. I’m taking that as a good sign on the knee front.

Crutches? I don’t need no stinking crutches!