30This morning, according to my scale and if it can be trusted with most of my weight on one foot, I’ve finally hit the 30 pound mark! I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be typing this. Suddenly, I feel like I’ve actually done something. I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, definitely more than I have lost in a concerted effort in more than a decade. Oh, sure, I’ve lost, and gained, the same couple of pounds so many times that maybe I should count that as, you know, probably around 206 pounds lost last year alone. Okay, that’s just a sad statement, but I wish it were funny.

Somehow though, something in me switched with that milestone. Why 30? I don’t have a clue. Wait, maybe it’s the new pair of boots I promised myself? Suddenly, now that I can see, feel and have solid proof of this substantial progress, and people are starting to say things, I’m not in a huge, hair-on-fire hurry. Yes, if I could do something magical and be at goal tomorrow, are you kidding??? of course I would, but then, I’d be a witch. Oh… wait.

This 30 pounds, in retrospect, hasn’t been that hard. Okay, the first few days sucked hard. I’m talking, I hated this diet life. I was miserable, but somewhere along the way, this shiz just came natural. In all honesty, and a few of my long-time friends might roll their eyes and find a challenge in this statement, I don’t have any desire, more than a tiny morsel just now and again, to go back to the old way of , well, life. I guess that’s the word I’m looking for, but it sounds so cheese-ball (no lie, that sounds good), but it’s true. Even though things might sound good, I don’t really, not really and truly, want to stick them in my mouth. Frankly, I just don’t care about food that much. My relationship has changed. I’ve broken that emotional connection. 

My friend Ellen, is a new IP diet convert. While we were discussing the ins and outs and approved foods and differences between coaches etc… I realized that I’m not super duper strict. I’m definitely not perfect on my plan, but I’m losing anyway. Might I lose faster if I gave up my daily morning Advocare Spark drink that has 11 g of carbs? That’s a definite probably. Might I lose faster if I religiously got 4 cups of approved veggies in every single day? Yup. Would I lose faster if I didn’t eat ANY salad dressing that wasn’t zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, zero flavor? I’m guessing so. Would my weight loss be faster if I actually ate all 3 IP foods per day without fail? Certainly. Would I feel deprived, depraved and depressed? Oh hell yes! Would I have probably quit this thing by now? Duh!

My point is, that now that I’m finally here, to this random milestone, I just think that I’m smarter than you look. (Sorry, we say that at our house, all in good fun). Because I haven’t killed myself with exactness, or perfection, I haven’t really struggled much. (okay, I have, but I’m stronger…) The struggle has been minimal-ish, if it hadn’t been, I would not be writing this. I have stuck with this plan, and in all honesty, I’ve stuck very close to it. I’m just not perfect. Newsflash!

The scale has been on a steady, downward march. It seems like I’ve had maybe one week where I stayed the same. This was a crazy summer with World Cup, travel, college adventures and stress, I’ve kicked ass. That is all.

There are 30 pounds that I have yet to lose, and I know I will, but I’m not gonna stress because I know I’ve got this now. It’s a strange feeling, let me just say. I’m just gonna keep on keeping on because though I might not be on the express IP train like all those others, I’m on the train. I stop at every hole in the hedge, but I’m looking around as I go and (gulp, here it comes) I’m actually enjoying the ride. The scenic route is fine by me!

… at least until the scale doesn’t move again.