dietbetscaleJust a wee reminder that the 50 Pound Monkey diet bet starts tomorrow. Diet bet handles everything, and verifies your weigh ins via full body photos of you on the scale with the word of the day super secret password showing, plus, a photo of what the scale says. At first, I freaked out when I saw my numbers on the site, however, I’m the only one that can see them. Whew!!! You’ll be the only one to see yours too.

Our pot is currently at $245. Remember, if you lose 4% in 4 weeks, you get your money back! The bonus is that anyone who didn’t reach the goal forfeits their entry fee and it’s divided equally among the winners. Woohoo!

Reminder/Disclaimer: I am not in charge. DietBet controls all the money, the bets, the winners. This is just for fun!