The truth about the truth...
The truth about the truth

Today was check in day with my Ideal Protein Coach. I’m doing better. I’m working on eating all the food I’m supposed to eat, and writing it down for her. The truth is, I’m still struggling with doing what I’m told. I’m still that little red-head I was back on day 2! I’m trying though. I want to be good.

Frustration about not losing 3 or more pounds a week is mounting. My friend has lost nearly 30 pounds (you’re kicking my ass girlie!!), and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her, or more pissed off at me. Part of the “truth” is that I don’t get all my protein in, and part is that I’m still sidelined from doing really rigorously fun and sweaty stuff because of this mother-father, blasted knee. The knee part won’t change for a couple of months. Once the surgery is complete, the rehab begins. I’m wondering if I will gain muscle weight during the rehab? They work you out hard after knee surgery, and I’m bound to build back a lot of the muscle I’ve lost. On the other hand (knee) maybe the increased workouts will help me hit the 3 pounds a week? The results were on the “meh” side, but here they are.

Lost: 1.4 pounds, -1 in chest, +1 pound lean muscle, -1% bodyfat (I guess it’s a 2.4 pounds of fat gone since I replaced 1 pound with muscle?)

Total: 22.8 pounds, -4 inches chest, -4% bodyfat

It is what it is, but the truth hurts!

But, I need to remember the following: