If Only!
If Only!

Have you ever thought that if you could get paid for doing it, you might actually get off your A$$ and do it? Well, your pie-in-the-sky wish has been granted by the fitness fairy! Really. It’s an app called “PACT” and you have to agree to pay a fine if you don’t meet your fitness goals for the day. There’s a minimum of $5 for the fine. Go check it out! They pay you out of member’s accounts who miss their workout and cough up their $5 for the day.

I admit, this interests me! Money might be a good motivator. I know a man who pays his accountability partner $100 every time he misses his workout. In 10 years, he’s had to pay out maybe twice. Your penalty has to hurt enough, you know? Would I hand someone $5 to go away and quit bugging me about working out if I wanted to sit with my friends at happy hour and drink Pomegranate Cosmos and eat  Queso Fundido? Hell to the yes! Would I hand someone $20 bucks, or would I get off my butt and work out? As you know, the above scenario would never happen to moi. Okay, it might have happened in the past, you know the past of the 50 pound monkey, but not now. My monkey’s at about 38 pounds. Thankyouverymuch.

But seriously, I think this app just might have something…

Oh fart-cakes! I can’t do it until well after knee surgery. Someone try it for me. Please?