July 30, 2014

Day 51.1: 2 lbs =2 lbs

Results are in (official ones anyway)

-2 pounds this week


-21.4 lbs
-.5 in arms
3″ waist
3″ chest
1″ hips


Day 51: Fun Times + Weight Loss Win

Our trip with our son to Chicago was amazing. We made some memories. We must’ve walked an average of 4 miles a day… a couple days were more than that and my knee was a complete pain (literally) but, I hobbled the best I could and tried not to complain. I doubt I was very successful at not complaining, but the truth is that I tried. I still loved hanging with 2 of my men. We got to see a Cubs/Cardinals game (yawn, sorry baseball fans), Chicago Fire vs Tottenham Hotspurs and Liverpool vs Olympiakos. ┬áThe Liverpool game was great fun, our highlight and reason for the trip. My son knew all the chants and we saw the big stars like Steven Gerrard (our hero) and Daniel Sturridge, to name two of many. Just makes me smile.

Memories Made!
Memories Made!

I did notice that I got CRANKY when my blood sugars got low, and my knee hurt. Sorry guys!! Hope you still love me.

Despite the one Vodka Soda in the bar whilst singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at the top of our lungs and the half a piece of deep dish, I might have lost a tiny bit. Maybe a pound? I’m pretty sure I gained some muscle with all the stairs and walking. I’ll find out in 3 hours. According to my FitBit scale:

Fingers Crossed
Fingers Crossed

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