The New Math
The New Math

My weight loss numbers yesterday, though disappointing, were not completely devastating. What I’m really wondering though, is how accurate is the Tanita scale that my coach is using? Specifically, how accurate are they when it comes to lean muscle mass? From what I’ve read, they’re “fairly” accurate. One article said that the only 100% accurate body fat measurement happens in an autopsy. Uh, no thanks! What I find crazy is that my body fat composition scale is off by a couple body fat percentages from my coach’s mega scale. I guess I’ll take her measurements though. (They were better… 🙂 )

Since yesterday, I’ve lost (by my scale) a pound. That one pound would make me finally hit the magic 20 pound mark. However, I will not celebrate until it’s “official” next week. I’m just not so bitter today. That is a fine thing. So, if I truly gained back 3 pounds of muscle, then I really must have lost 3.6 pounds of fat. That helps. A little. (very little…)

Meanwhile, I’ll have to fight to stay on track on another 4 day trip coming up. After that, I’m two weeks at home and plan to kick this plan’s nether region!

Now for the random:

  • Hubby was working from home yesterday right in front of a big window to the back yard. Our yard is quite tree covered and shady. Suddenly, a hawk landed maybe 15 feet from the window. He was struggling to get his phone ready to take a picture when it flew back up  with a wee snake in it’s talons! How freaking cool is that? I like snakes, but mother nature in action is amazing!
  • While shopping for dorm supplies the other night, we bought a microwave for $35. It was on big sale from $60ish, however, I was blown away! Since when did microwave ovens get so cheap? I mean, isn’t that what a two slice toaster costs? Don’t get me wrong, we snapped that sucker up, happily!
  • Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t be the south end of a north bound horse” ? I don’t know, it just popped into my head. Some day, I’ll have to do a stream of consciousness post. Now, THAT would be random, and possibly hysterical.
  • Our sports medicine doctor brings her Standard Poodle to work. She’s such a great customer relations tool! She even coached my son in his PT (physical therapy) session. He’s still not cleared for soccer… but we’re getting there.