Losing weight 2 pounds
Peace, baby, 2 pounds down! Total of about 19!

I lost 2 more pounds this week! Yay… sort of. I fell off the eating wagon, but not in the traditional, I splurged and ate a Butterfinger… (dear sweet Lord that sounds so good right now) sense. I did that damned, NOT eating thing again. I didn’t write everything down and probably didn’t drink a lot of water. FARTKNOCKERS! Didn’t I just blog about that? For two days in a row, I have not gotten in all my protein, veggies, or even my packets of Ideal Protein food. What? It’s really because I’m a lazy ass, and sometimes eating is too much trouble. WTH? Okay, lay a Butterfinger down at the bottom of a chasm and say I can have it if I can get it before it melts… oh hell no, that’s not too much trouble, I’d race outta here like a bullet!

So, when I grabbed my photo for this post, I noticed that when you (if you’re American, anyway) show the number 2 with your fingers, you’re also giving the peace sign.

“Shut Up Self!” I yell in my head. “You lost 2 pounds, while not doing exactly as you were supposed to. Zip it, and enjoy the loss!”

Peace, baby!