This theme has been circling within my blog-sphere a lot lately and I’m thrilled with Colbie Caillat’s new song, “Try.” You just have to like you. You shouldn’t have to try to please others for your own self worth. Why do we do that? I’m happy to say, that I don’t like being heavy, so I’m changing for me (admittedly, because I compare myself to others a lot… but mostly because I wanna rock the tennis court, and mountain bike… and…), but I’m perfectly happy running around without make up. I still feel like a light smattering is appropriate for work days, is that wrong? Something to ponder. I love the women in this video! Enjoy!


This one is going to stay with me. We should all be singing loud and proud!

Read this interview with Colbie and find out what inspired her to do this song. Thanks Elle Magazine.

From the 99 degree heat in the yard, to the computer to blog… it’s just me!

Be You. Love You!
Be You. Love You!