Id-rather-be-strong-thanHaving been an athlete all my life, I’ve never been one who wanted to look like a model, well, maybe once in a while I longed for longer legs. Yes, they’re considered beautiful by most of the world, but I always see them as fragile and sort of useless. Yes, you look pretty, but what do you do? These days, they’re definitely not what they seem, (f’ing Photoshop) and the whole industry is insulting to real women and damaging to young girls. Boys are looking for perfection and all of society measures worth against these ‘pictures’.

No, that’s not even slightly interesting to me. In fact, it’s disgusting. Let’s get real.

So, after I read my friend Fattie No More’s ideas on “thinspiration” I thought that it would be a great time to really think about mine.

There are so many people in this world that inspire me! Maybe I’m just easy (grin) but I can find inspiration just about anywhere. What about body image though? What’s my goal? What bodies do I find beautiful, useful and healthy looking? Not surprisingly, they’re athletic types. Oh, (Squirrel!) have you checked out ESPNs The Body Issue? Wow! My husband sent me a link a few years ago and not only is the photography beautiful, but those athletes… wow. That’s inspiring. Do yourself a favor and take a look!

Now, at 47, will I ever have a “Body Issue” athletic body? Bawhahahaha, hell, no. (Sorry, honey!) I do, however, want to be lean and strong again. Here’s a promise, if I ever look like those guys, I will hire a photographer and do my own shoot. I’ll post those here. Don’t hold your breath.

One company that does a great job, and uses real women as models is Title Nine. What I enjoy about it is they tell you about their model athletes. They even have a page where you can read each one’s story. There’s even a link for you to apply! Yes, all these women are lean, and pretty, but they’re real and they’re athletes. They’re not twigs! You see them surfing, biking, rock climbing… to me, it’s inspiring. I feel like I’d like those people. I’d wanna hang out and go biking, or play volleyball, or try surfing!

My husband once said while I was standing in the kitchen in my tennis skirt, “Now, that’s what a leg should look like, the line of the quad defined and the curve of the hamstring…” OH MY GOSH. Another time, during the middle of a grueling Adventure Race he was mountain biking behind me and on an uphill he said, “Your calves are awesome.” (It’s quite possible he wanted to give me a boost of adrenaline to make it up that danged hill… nah, they were awesome!) Now, THAT’S inspiring. That’s all I need. That’s what I’m shooting for.

BOOM. That’s my inspiration. I wanna be me. Me of my athletic past, bad-ass, but not half-assed… or wide assed! (snort)

What inspires you?