thornsI remember day freaking 3 of this thing. I truly believed that I would lose my absolute stuffing because this diet completely sucked. I was a big, bad, ball of bitch, remember that? I was hatin’ life, my body, my predicament. I was massively pissed off at the world including you, no doubt.  I had veered off my path. I’d taken the wrong fork, (okay too many forks, obviously) and had ended up trashing my athletic body and drowning my own spirit in flab I couldn’t own. So when I started this journey, for the bajillionth time, I knew it would be a path with thorns. It would be rocky and ugly. It would take perseverance and swallowing my pride instead of queso! It would make me cry, and curse and rant! It would make me bleed.

Anger, humiliation, pissed-offedness was the best I could muster. Not like me at all, honestly. I’m pretty much a cup-half full of vodka kind of person. Somehow, somewhere something happened. I had help, I had support, and I had sense of team. It almost felt like a competition. Something had turned my competitive spirit, my “let’s just finish this adventure race” stubborn-ness that used to alternatively make my husband proud, and scare the shit out of him when we adventure raced together as Team Craic— that same set of my jaw, furrowed brow and the “oh this is on mofo” look that let him know I would finish that damned race if I had to do it on my hands and knees. No broken limbs, blood and/or rattlesnakes would not stop me. I’d be damned if I’d let that race beat me.

This one either.

So, here I stand at the 30 day mark. It’s like knowing you’ve got miles and miles to go before you find that next check point, not to mention the finish line. But here we are, standing at the top of a long-ass, up-hill mountain bike leg. I made it to the top. I’m gonna stand and take it in from this vantage point. I’m gonna admire the view. I’m gonna take a long hard look across that valley at my next check point. Tomorrow, I’ll start heading to CP2. In 30 days, I can stand up there and look back here. I can admire this view, and look out toward CP3.

Oh, it is so ON mofo! Team Craic will be back!

Team Craic - Rattlesnake Racing Adventure Race circa 2004
Team Craic – Rattlesnake Racing Adventure Race circa 2004
Team Craic River Crossing
Team Craic River Crossing, Yes that is a tiara on my helmet.

30 Day Stats:

-16.8 pounds, -3 inches chest, -2.5 inches waist, -1″ hip, -2″ quad, -3% bodyfat