First, let me say that I dropped physics, so if I’ve got this inertia idea all wrong then, laugh while you can monkey boy! Don’t correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the idea that an object in motion tends to stay in motion on the same tract unless acted upon by an “outside force”, whereas an object at rest, tends to stay at rest unless likewise acted upon by an “outside force?”

Well, whatever it is, I’m thinking that inertia is with me, finally. It took a huge “force” of will to jump off my two week binge of porkyness, of doing nothing but sitting around feeding my 50, oh, make that 60 pound monkey , and onto this Ideal Protein thing. Now that I’m going in the right direction, I’m hoping that physics, karma and all my lucky stars are working with me to keep this momentum going. All those “outside forces” like Torchy’s breakfast tacos (OMG I miss you!), cheesecake (gluten free, individually made in wee Mason Jars by moi), nacho flavored Doritos (!!), pomegranate cosmos (I had just perfected my recipe!), Deep Eddy Ruby Red (you cruel mistress, you) will continue to be crushed by this incredible inertia of monkey-shedding-Ideal-Protein-awesomeness!

I’m on a roll… a cabbage roll in fact. Here’s what we ate for dinner!

On a Cabbage Roll
On a Cabbage Roll

O’Rooney’s Rock and (Cabbage) Rolls

8 Cabbage Leaves, Par boiled

1 Pound All Natural Lean Ground Beef

Mushrooms (we used about 5) finely chopped

1 Red Bell Pepper chopped

Dash of Salt, and seasons to your taste

Small can of tomatoes or sauce

Preheat oven to 350. Brown beef, add mushrooms and peppers. Season at will. Boil each cabbage leaf until tender, but bright green. Spoon meat into leaf and roll your own! Okay, like a burrito, by my last one I figured out how to work the toothpick to hold it together. In greased cooking pan, lay them in, and pour sauce on top. Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Not bad for something wrapped in a vegetable! Not bad at all. Rock and Cabbage Roll, indeed!