July 2, 2014

Day 23.2: Trail Zen For Your Day

So, in celebration of the smaller monkey, I decided to hit the trail and find some happy peace among the birds, bees, flowers and Momma Nature. It was so lovely. Just me and them.

Here’s a wee bit of Zen for your busy day!

Happy Trail
Happy Trail

Trail Music!


Day 23: Change That Monkey’s Name!

A Smaller Monkey!
A Smaller Monkey!

This journey of a bajillion miles, and several thousand  years, has been rocky. There’ve been slippery slopes and crevasses so deep, I’ve had to turn around and start again… and again.

I’ve had my highs (weight) and semi-lows and higher highs. And here I am.

That 50 pound monkey, who turned into a 60 pound Western Lowland Grayback Gorilla King, is now a 46.7 pounder again.

Take that, you friggin’ monkey!

Monkey business aside, (grin) this is a move in the right direction! Woohoo! We’ll know more tomorrow.


Day 22: I Am Not Cheating?

So, this is day 22. I can’t believe it. Life’s just flying by and I’m not actually starving anymore.  I mean, I still have hungry days (I just jumped up mid-sentence to grab some IP pudding because I realized I hadn’t eaten all my food today), but those are probably just normal, or hormonal days that we all have, no matter what we’ve eaten. That’s my story anyway.

Today, I roasted myself some okra. (Damn! I’m good!) The only way I’ve ever successfully eaten slimy, gross,  okra in my life was fried. And then, I only really liked it when it was crunchy fried (or burned, as some would call it) with lots of ketchup. My husband has been keeping me stocked with roasted veggies, but I needed something around lunchtime, so I did it. I had forgotten how dang slimy those buggers are. But, roasted, salted and crunchy fresh from the oven … YUM! No ketchup needed.

Something strange is happening here. I haven’t cheated… not once! Can’t remember EVER starting a diet and NOT cheating, or having a scheduled cheat day.

This is weird. I’m NOT A CHEATER!!! Just call me Faith.

I challenge you all to try it. It feels damned good. Do it for a week. You in?


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