Let me just say that today was a pretty good day overall. My first meeting of the day just happened to be at Top Golf and required me to split my attention between my two clients, golf ball hitting (off a balcony into a driving rain… how fun is that?) and watching The Netherlands beat Chile. It was a bit hard to be a spectator as my clients enjoyed chicken and waffles that were absolutely ree-donk-ilous, and a turkey wrap with fries on my dime while I picked at a pile of lettuce with a chunk of chicken on it. But, duty called, and I, a willing employee did my job. I even let them win… <wink> okay, I’m not a golfer, but we enjoyed nonetheless.

Stuffed Peppers the Irish Way
Stuffed Peppers the Irish Way

Which brings me to my crowning victory in the kitchen, of all places! Yes, who would have dreamed this one?  I know, I know, I hate the kitchen and my cooking is worse than my golfing, but with a cute Irish husband acting as sous chef and mentor, it wasn’t so bad. He told me to find the stuffed pepper recipe I’d read to him from Pinterest the other night. Turns out we had peppers and meat, no mushrooms, tomato sauce and more.

“Well, let’s just do it the Irish way. Stuff those things with meat and stick them in the oven!” he offered in his lovely brogue. “Well, okay then,” I countered, and continued to look up recipes to see what we could do. I ran across one that had rice, then one that was paleo… so we sort of “Irished” those recipes together! The result was actually good enough to make again! So here’s what we did.

O’Rooney’s Stuffed Peppers

1 lb of ground bison (or lean meat)

3 peppers

Seasoning, Salt, Pepper

1 TBS Minced Garlic

1/2 Head of Cauliflower

Green Onions

Preheat oven to 350. Boil Cauliflower until fork tender. In a large skillet with a wee bit of olive oil, brown meat and garlic. Add your favorite seasonings. Drain cauliflower, blend/process until consistency of rice… or mashed potatoes (either is fine, we shot for rice, but got mashed potatoes). Add Cauliflower to meat and garlic and cook until you like the consistency. Cut the tops off your peppers and remove the seeds. Spoon in the meat mixture, put the tops back on. Bake in a baking dish for 35 minutes. Top with green onions. Dig In. Slainte!

Ya, I’m doing a wee Irish jig of joy!