My tennis partner and I used to joke that this racket was "The Heartbreaker" It's mine that broken right now.
My tennis partner and I used to joke that this racquet was “The Heartbreaker” It seem’s it’s mine that’s broken right now.

I hate being benched. Any athlete understands what I mean. I’ve got a torn meniscus which is causing a cartilage issue on my femur. I want to get it fixed, but this summer is too busy to be on crutches. I’ve decided that mid-August is the only time I can work it in without messing up big plans for the family, and frankly, it’s killing me.

I’m definitely not looking forward to surgery, pain, rehab and @#$%^& crutches. Oye. I’ve never had to do the crutches thing in 40 + years of athletic endeavors, so maybe I shouldn’t complain. Shouldn’t. Shouldn’t. Hmphhh.

That said, maybe it’s aiding my Ideal Protein misery? It works out okay because they suggest you don’t workout for the first few weeks anyway. But goodness gracious sakes alive, I’m dying to play tennis, to mountain bike, to hike! I had to abandon both my tennis teams, pull out of a tournament and bench myself.

Son of a Bench! I’m a bench wench…

Hobble on.

(Holy wow, I just read this, and it’s a pathetic little pity party. That’s just epic! Tomorrow, tomorrow , I’ll love ya tomorrow…) ahhh, there’s my music…