eyeI’m worried that this diet is changing my psyche and possibly my personality. It’s a bit troublesome. I mean, I’m a bit muddle-headed here. So, let me just throw out some facts. In the past 7 days:

  • I’ve become decidedly less energetic, not really lethargic, but … calm? Holy crap. Is that what it’s like?
  • My thoughts don’t bounce around my head with such enthusiasm. I just feel less excited about everything, both good and bad.
  • I’ve decided I feel drugged, slow, less ADD… which is strange because I actually miss it. I was quite entertaining in my head.
  • I feel less “wildly” happy, but I suppose I feel less wildly “stressed out like a mo-fo” too, which I do appreciate.

What does this mean? I honestly don’t know. Have I been “cured” of my ADD? With all my heart, I hope not. I know that sounds weird, but I loved the pace at which my brain raced through life. I love the multi-tasking thoughts competing for my voice, and how sometimes they’d fly straight out of my mouth, un-abashed and un-censored, because it was usually, at the very least, amusing.  It made my heart sing, a lot. It made my self in my head, you know (not the crazy kind) the one you have your inner conversations with (wow, I sound nutty on paper) stop singing a bit too. Where’s my background music?

Are carbs my ADD fuel? My spunky drug? I think I miss me.