I hope this new gear puts me into high gear!

Holy Shittake
Holy Shittake

The husband and I have started a FitBit war. We’ve got the Force bracelets and the Aria scale. And, I’m absolutely horrified to say that my damned 50 Pound Monkey went and put on 10 pounds over the holidays! He now weighs 60 pounds. It’s truly a f*’n-gargantuan-gorilla-monkey now friends.

Because the only new year’s resolution I’ve ever kept was the one last year when I said I’d read 52 books and review them all in 2013, this monkey thing, I repeat, is not a resolution.

Even so, I am resolved to kick that monkey’s ass this year. I’m doing it at 10,000 steps (5 miles) a day, even if it takes all year.

And just so you know, it’s about 40 steps down the aisle at our big supermarket. Up and down every aisle around the whole store is about 1000 steps. I did it 3 times tonight. Just saying. The weird sh*t you learn. Sigh.