This Hit Me in the Gut

Nike has a great marketing department. I found this on their Facebook page. Check it out. As a marketing nerd, I love to look at ads. Give me a magazine and I’ll check out the ads, and rarely read the “hard content.”

This one though. I feel like I keep starting over.

The challenge I thought I was going to do at the gym, won’t work for me right now. My husband and I looked at it, and talked about it and he’s exactly right. Until I can eat the things on the paleo list, actually eat them and not just avoid them and starve (and get cranky I’m sure) and feel like a failure, I shouldn’t do it. I’m fairly competitive and I won’t let down my team. He knows this. Cue the tapes of our adventure racing days while I literally slept on my feet because I didn’t want to give up and nap. I won’t eat most of the foods on the Paleo plan. Therefore, I will only eat the meat, a few fruits and fall into depression and starvation. Not healthy or worth it and he hates to see me beat myself up and be miserable.

I will just have to figure out what works for me, and JUST DO IT. Yeah, that sounds right, but it sounds like my plan for the last ten years. Sigh.