Pomegranate is a Fruit
Pomegranate is a Healthy Fruit!

And, the reset button. Do-overs happen. So, L and I decided an emergency meeting was in order. She had hurt her back, and had been wimping out for as long as I was gone. It was vital that we went back to where we started. Yes, the favorite Tex Mex place. I was supposed to start back at the Box on August 1st when we had finished our trip to Sweden and Denmark, chasing our 13 year old soccer player’s team around. It obviously didn’t happen. Round 2, literally! Pomegranate Cosmos for both because of the anti-oxidant qualities. It must work because my 3 day migraine has gone. I have no other explanation. See the little berries at the bottom?

So, we came up with another plan. We’ll join our gym’s “I do the impossible challenge.” We will be given 2 sessions a week with a “team” and we’ll be held responsible for journaling every bite, and every bit of exercise including between workout homework. Our team will be counting on us to get good grades on our journals and homework as well as the measurements and before and after pictures. The awesome thing is that the “challenge” finishes a week and a half before I leave for the big Irish wedding. Great ideas are hatched when L and I put our heads together for drinks. I’m not ashamed… they were POMEGRANATE!

Will I be voted off my team if I drink my fruit?